YouTube Announces New “Cards” Feature – How To Use In Real Estate

YouTube cards annotation
YouTube announces new Cards Annotation

Last week Google (which ownes YouTube) announced a new feature called “Cards”. Cards is an additional annotation that can be used within your real estate videos.

What’s an annotation?

YouTube annotations are clickable text overlays on YouTube videos. The annotations are used to increase viewer engagement, give more information to the consumer, and/or aid in navigation. Annotations can be used to highlight your real estate website, direct the viewer to a playlist or another video, point something out to the viewer – the use of annotations is literally limitless. Annotations include speech bubble, note, title, spotlight and label.

Uses Of Annotations

Annotations can be very effective in your video strategy. The Speech Bubble annotation can be used to point out a price drop of a listing, the Note annotation can be used for linking to similar real estate videos, a listing playlist, or your channel. Notes can also be used as a “Subscribe to My Channel” call-to-action button. The Spotlight annotation is interactive and offers a transparent box with a frame that appears over an area of your video that you want to call out. When the consumer hovers over a spotlight annotation related text appears outside of the frame. Spotlights are linkable to other videos, playlists, or even channels. The Label annotation can be used to point out those maybe counters or that six burner gas range in that gourmet kitchen.

But There’s A Problem

As awesome as annotation are, there is a problem. A big one too. Annotations only appear on desktop/laptop computers – no mobile. This is a huge problem as over 50% of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices. I don’t know about you but most of the videos I watch are on my iPhone or iPad.

Enter Cards

YouTube’s latest feature, Cards, will eventually replace annotations and unlike the traditional annotation IS mobile friendly. Meaning, if you wanted to create a clickable link in your real estate video with a call to action like “Search For Homes” or”Find The Value Of Your Home” or “Review Our Marketing Strategy” – you can with cards and the viewer can interact with your message on their iPhones, iPads, HTC, Galaxy etc. Cards fall into 6 different options: video, playlist, associated website, merchandise, fundraising, and fan funding. You can see how I use cards at the 1:12 mark of our latest video below.

How To Set Up Cards

Creating Cards really couldn’t be any easier. Follow these 5 steps:
1) Sign into to your YouTube account and select “Video Manager”, click on ‘Edit’ for the video you want to add a Card to.
2) Click on the ‘Cards’ button in the top navigation bar, click ‘Add Card’
3) Click on ‘Add Card’ again to open up the creation window for the Card type you want to add. Enter a valid URL (must be associated with your YouTube or Google account) for that Card type.
4) Upload an image (or pick one from the suggestions offered). Edit and optimize the title and call-to-action text (HMC clients can watch a step by step tutorial in the marketing tutorials section of this site)
5) Click ‘Create Card’ and adjust the start time for the card – if required

Remember, the goal is to get the consumer on your real estate website. This is where they can search for homes. Learn more about you and the problem you solve. Learn more about you and your team. Your real estate website IS your storefront. I’m sure you have noticed most consumers would rather meet you at a home they would like to see and most sellers want you to come to them.

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YouTube Announces New
YouTube's cards annotation offers a clickable link to drive traffic to your real estate website. The cards annotation works on mobile devices.

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