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Phoenix Small Business VideoVideo is not the future, it is the here and now. The present. Video is the game changer. Today, LEADS go to the best MARKETERS, not necessarily the best REAL ESTATE AGENTS or LENDERS. Embrace video or risk being irrelevant. Adapt or Die. Video is uniquely suited for the real estate and lending industries. Video is not just visual, it’s emotional as well. Here’s why.

Benefits Of Video In Real Estate

  • Consumers clearly prefer video over any other medium. Maybe you have noticed your kids or grand kids are using your iPhone or iPad, Droid, Samsung etc NOT to search the internet but to watch – VIDEOS. I’m sure you have noticed your Facebook newsfeed is blowing up with videos and even better – YOUR CLICKING ON THEM! You know who else has the same behavior as you? Your past, present and FUTURE clients.
  • It’s The Way To Be Marketing Real Estate. Video is the way to be marketing real estate because it uses more of our emotions. You’ve seen the behavior of a couple when they walk inside their dream home. The way they touch the granite. The way she marvels at the kitchen. They way they look at each other, then the view, then each other – then YOU. You KNOW that feeling. Our videos create the exact same emotion (examples below).
  • Build Your Brand. Our videos will help you build or extend the reach of your brand. When you share a video we’ve created for your listing online or through social you are forcing consumers to compare and contrast YOU and their past or present real estate agent. They can SEE how professional you are. They can FEEL how passionate you are. They can HEAR the confidence and expertise in your voice and body language AND they want a real estate agent like you.
  • Video Extends Reach. Video will insert your brand into additional networks and spheres of influence. Question. Do high net worth individuals associate with other high net worth individuals? Of COURSE THEY DO. We naturally gravitate to and associate with those that are like us. When you share a video Hub Media Company has made for your listing with your seller your seller will naturally share it online, on Facebook – with other people just like them. Other buyers, sellers, investors they likely have DIRECT influence over. By sharing a cinematic video YOU are in, they are endorsing you and inserting you into their network. This is PRICELESS marketing for you and your brand.
  • 98% of consumers are starting their home search online. THEY are doing their own research and then finding a real estate agent. What real estate agent? Many times the real estate agent attached to the listing. By sharing your video online you are helping the consumer find you while increasing the likelihood of creating leads.
  • Be The Area Expert. You can align yourself with a community or subdivision and be the go to real estate agent – the area expert. Women in particular know what community they want to live in next. Ask a consumer where they live. They won’t say Val Vista and Baseline they’ll says VAL VISTA LAKES. They won’t say Via Linda and Mountain View they’ll say SCOTTSDALE RANCH. This is also how consumers search online. If you are looking for a home in Val Vista lakes or Scottsdale Ranch and you found 10 links in Google, one being Zillow, another Trulia, another Realtor dot com, another Movato, and another  being a VIDEO on Val Vista Lakes or Scottsdale Ranch which would you pick? EXACTLY. This is also how YOU can COMPETE with 3rd Party Aggregators like Z.T.R.

When you work with Hub Media Company you don’t only get the some of the best real estate videos in the valley, you also benefit from our years of video marketing. You’ll receive video tutorials that SHOW you how to share your videos, where to put them, HOW to help them (and you) get found online by your ideal client and how to use them in listing presentations and more. We don’t only produce property videos, we also produce community and subdivision videos, lifestyle, green screen, interviews and testimonials and more. (see examples in the products tab)

For savvy real estate pros, the question is no longer IF you’re going to adopt video as part of your online strategy…but rather HOW and WHEN. Consumers clearly prefer video. Video is the the best online strategy for not only reaching consumers, but driving them to your website, AKA Your STOREFRONT. And nothing ranks a website faster than video, The top real estate professionals are using video to remain relevant. Ask yourself, would you prefer to see 25 pictures of a house you are interested in or would you prefer a video? Video says so much more than text or images ever could. If a picture says 1000 words, video says THEM ALL! For the real estate professionals that leverage it, video will get your message across faster and more convincingly than any other medium. Our cinematic real estate videos are working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even while you sleep. Get more listings, sell them faster, make more money. We can help.
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