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real estate video PhoenixWhat In The World Is A USP? Hello, I’m Stephen Garner, founder of Hub Media Company, “We help real estate professionals get more listings, sell them faster and make more money”. No I’m not bragging, that is our USP.

So what is your USP and do you really need one? The short answer is YES. A USP or Unique Selling Proposition clearly defines your value, how you are better and/or different than your competition. What benefits the consumer will receive by working with you. A USP is similar to a brand. Some real estate agents think they can come up with a brand or USP and just go with it. Nothing could be further from the truth. A BRAND is in the eyes of the consumer, rather YOUR ideal client. It doesn’t matter if you think your brand or USP is “the best Real Estate Agent in Phoenix” if your ideal client thinks you simply – ain’t.

You are a real estate agent, BUT that is not all you are. What is it about real estate – about your PROCESS, about your TECHNOLOGY, about your SERVICE, your EDUCATION your EXPERIENCE, your MARKETING, your TECHNOLOGY that makes working with you advantageous to the consumer and how do you do it in a way that set’s YOU apart from YOUR competition?

Remember our USP – “We help real estate professionals get more listings, sell them faster and make more money” Ya know how we came up with that? We reached out to some of our past and present clients and asked them what they thought about Hub Media Company, how we help them. How we are different and/or better than our competitors, how do we make their lives easier, what sets us apart from our competition?

Our clients told us what they really love is not just our awesome video products, but the training, best practices and support we offer them to get the most out of their video marketing. You see, anyone can make a video, you can make one with your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Note, but does it really represent the brand of you? And what do you do with it after? HOW do you use that video? Where do you put it? HOW can you leverage it to extend your brand, drive traffic, establish yourself as an expert in your niche and ultimately get more leads and do more business?

Real estate professionals have a problem. That problem is commoditization. To many consumers a real estate agent, lender etc is a commodity. The consumer believes you are all the same. If you think about it, it makes sense. Many real estate agents say and do the same things. “Search the MLS like a REALTOR®”, “Call for a FREE CMA” “SOLD or I BUY It” “33 Point Marketing System”. If you all say and do the same things, you ARE a commodity. Like Bacon and Orange Juice. And as you know, when you buy Bacon or Orange Juice you are often looking for the best PRICE not necessarily the best product. This is one reason why your commissions are under attack. Why would a consumer pay you 6% when they can pay 4% and perceivably get the same level of service, education, marketing, and technology?

So, how can you discover your USP? What should you do? Well, it’s surprisingly easy. Pick up the phone. Go golfing, go to lunch with a past client. Ask them:
“Why did you choose to work with me over my competitors?”
“If you had to sum me up in 3 words, what would they be?”
Don’t just ask your past and present clients, ask your employees {if you have any}, your vendors {loan officer, title company, handy man, appraiser, etc. Then – do it over and over and over again until you get a bunch of words, sentences, raw data on a piece of paper. Then go to the fridge and get a frosty beverage, crack that bad boy open – and focus. Take all that raw data and compile it into a short sentence – about you. This will be the beginnings of your USP.
For all this hard work you may be surprised to learn that as time evolves, so will your USP. This is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. An idea would be to focus on your core competency. Commercial real estate, HUD homes, Luxury properties, Rentals, Relocation, Investors, First time home buyers etc, then throw in a geographic area – PHOENIX, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe wherever – and see what you come up with.

You should define your USP to show how YOU are different in YOUR marketplace, done correctly, your customers will see the benefit you offer them – before they even meet with you. A strong USP will also increase your customer loyalty. Once you have a good, strong USP – use it EVERYWHERE. Your website, videos, social media, business cards, postcards, flyers, coffee mugs, fly swatters, car magnets, EVERYWHERE.
Once you are clear on your USP, your USP can help your ideal client find you – online. Your USP should tell them about you – how you can help them, what problem you solve, WHY they should choose YOU. To learn more about Hub Media Company and how we can help you get more listings, sell them faster and make more money please view our video products in the products tab, read our testimonials or fill out the form below.

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