Video Uploaded To Facebook Gets The Most Engagement But Largely Underutilized By Real Estate Pros

Have you noticed your Facebook stream continues to explode with videos? The savvy real estate professionals, coaches, trainers and thought leaders certainly have. And they are capitalizing on it – big time.  According to the social media tool “Buffer”,


As part of their study, Buffer took a look at the number of engagements (defined as clicks, likes, and shares) that different types of posts received, on average, across Facebook on Twitter. As you can see from the chart below, video is blowing photos, links, and plain text posts out of the water on Facebook.


Video Gets Most Engagement On Facebook

It is important to note the metrics above are for videos uploaded directly to Facebook and not shared via other video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or external links to 3rd party websites etc. You can leverage Facebook video to extend or introduce your brand, educate and engage the consumer, market your listings, get more leads and ultimately make more money.

So what types of vides should you be loading to Facebook?

It’s important to note, while Facebook is a social sharing website, it is still the content that is king. I started using video in my title insurance business back in 2008, well before anyone else in the title industry space (nationally). I used video to differentiate myself from my competitors and it worked. What I didn’t post was video about why I thought I was awesome or why my escrow officers were better than anyone else’s or even about the financial strength of the company(s) I worked for. I came from a place of giving and posted videos that would be of value to my ideal client – real estate professionals. Topics included how to drive traffic to your website with video, types of video content & where to find it, video SEO, video syndication, video integration with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging, Inbound Marketing, Hub Marketing, Activerain and so much more.

I amassed over 2,300 subscribers on my MyTitleGuy YouTube channel, 250,000 + video views and hundreds of leads from real estate agents and title companies around the country. You can do the same in your niche. But it’s all about the content you post. Why you are the best real estate agent is worthless to many consumers and frankly will be seen as salesy and, as consumers, we hate to be sold to. Why your brokerage is better than another is pointless as consumers don’t necessarily search for brokerages, in fact – 97% of consumers don’t see a distinction between real estate brands, it’s why your clients followed you when you left brokerage A for brokerage B. So while these things may be important to you, they are not necessarily important to your ideal client – buyers and sellers. The next time you see a real estate agent post something about their production take a closer look, I’ve noticed most if not all the engagement around it comes from other real estate agents, their vendors or their family.

Things you should be posting on Facebook include your cinematic listing videos, your community videos, lifestyle videos, how to’s like how to use your website to find the home of their dreams, how to discover the market value of their home in TODAYS market, the buying process, the selling process, your marketing plan, things to watch out for when buying a home, community or subdivision profiles, new builds, client testimonials, local business profiles, local school information, local and major employers, tax information, local market updates and so on. You don’t need to sell yourself with this type of content as the content you are sharing should clearly identify you as the authority in your space.

What you can take from the info above is that video represents a huge opportunity for visibility, brand awareness and ultimately engagement – particularly on Facebook. So if you’re not posting video on Facebook, either professionally produced, live or pre-recorded, you’re seriously missing out!

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