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The Ultimate Social Proof
Social Media, SEO, Blog Articles and others are a great way to get traffic to your real estate website. But the way to educate, inform and present yourself as the expert in your field when they get there is with a real estate video testimonial.

Real estate agents, sales people in general, love to talk about how great they are. But there is a problem. Not only do consumers not respond well to it, they actually are less likely to do business with someone that does it. We just are not big fans of self promotion, especially in a field where many consumers believe all agents are the same.

So, how can you educate and inform the consumer about how you can help them, what problems you solve, the markets you serve as well as how your past clients feel about working with you? Have your past clients do it for you with a video testimonial.

We are swayed, rather easily, by what others say about a product or service, even if we don’t know the people that used that product or service. It’s called social proof. To illustrate social proof, look at your own behavior. When you shop on Amazon, before you purchase a product you read the reviews. Reviews from people you don’t even know. You start out looking for positive reviews and eventually start looking for the negative. Enough positive reviews and you buy. Enough bad and you don’t. This is social proof.

Every business, every real estate agent should have testimonials but the old school written testimonials are out. That’s because the consumer not only prefers video, they are expecting it. Video uses more of our emotions than any other medium. The viewer can HEAR what a past client has to say about you, they can SEE if they are being sincere through body language which says 80% of what we actually say. In some cases, they can even FEEL the testimonial. This is very powerful. Here are some of the questions we ask that get great video testimonials for our clients.

Why did you decide to buy/sell your home?

Context is everything in video testimonials. Having the consumer tell us why they decided to buy or sell allows them to be relatable to other consumers that may be in the same situation. Maybe they needed a bigger house after marriage or an addition of a child. Maybe they needed a smaller home now that they are empty nesters. This is where the story begins.

Had you worked with another real estate agent previously? How was that experience?

It’s surprising how many buyers and sellers do not use the same agent again. This could be because many do not stay in touch or because they were not happy with the experience. Finding this out allows the consumer to compare and contrast previous agents with our client, creating a more compelling story.

How did you find the real estate agent?

Was the consumer referred to the agent from a family member or friend? If yes, this shows a degree of trust. Did they find the real estate agent online? If yes, this shows a degree of marketing prowess. Was it an open house? An expired? A cold call? All of these lay out the foundation for the story that is to come.

Why did you choose the real estate agent?

Did they choose the agent because they made them feel comfortable? Did they have all the answers to their questions? Did they have an amazing marketing plan no other agent spoke of? Did they like their particular niche and experience of selling luxury homes, 2nd homes, representing first time home buyers? Hearing about these nuggets could positively influence your website visitors and potential clients.

What did you like most about the real estate agent?

What was it about the agent the buyer or seller really liked? Did they communicate regularly and often? Did they have a team of professionals to help them along the way? Did they show up with comps for the appraiser to justify a sales price? Did they recommend a lender to help them get financing?

Would you recommend the real estate agent to your friends and family?

This is how we end every interview. The money question. Would they recommend the agent to their friends and family. Typically we don’t even have to ask this question. Most buyers/sellers we interview go straight into “we would highly recommend Amy, Jennifer, Tim, Jason, to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!”

Presentation is everything with video because there is so much information being shared. Not just the words or the body language but the background, the lighting, the audio, the composition, the movement and so much more. The buyer or seller can say everything perfectly and give you a rave review but if you can barely hear them because of bad audio, or barely see them because they are in front of a bay window, or see their faces well, or they are shaky because you went handheld (never recommended) or they are swaying from nervousness – it can be all for not.

While you can certainly shoot a video testimonial on your own with your iPhone or iPad, it is not always recommended. This is why some of the best real estate agents in the valley hire us to go to the buyers or sellers house to get the video testimonial. This assures them, not only a rave review but a video that engages other buyers and sellers and brings them closer to you and your brand. These video testimonials can be embedded into your website, shared through social media, used in paid ads, embedded in emails, emailed to potential clients and so much more. To learn more about our video testimonials please fill out the form below or see our video testimonial examples.

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