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All I can say is… “Wow”. My dream project is finally being portrayed the way I envisioned it. Very professional and expeditious in its creation. Will definitely be using this company from now on. Well done and thank you all!!! – Allen, ARCO Custom Homes, LLC

“Just had a call from buyers from Utah. They had been working with a realtor last year and saw my ocotillo listing & the video. Said the video sold them on me as I seemed very personable & they subscribed to my youtube channel just to watch me & my listings. Coming in this weekend to buy a home up to 900,000. THAT’s why it’s NOT about the house”Amy, RE/MAX

“The villa we shot in Ocotillo…SOLD! Full price CASH offer close in 20 days. The sellers are ecstatic. Quote from the seller “I sent that video to my friends all over the country and every one of them said ‘I’ve never seen an agent do a video like that!’ You guys are Real Estate Rock Stars!” OH…and that ocotillo buyer? NEVER visited the home in person. Sold on photos and video alone” – Amy, RE/MAX

More than once, I have had a potential client call on one of our listings and say that they “LOVED THE VIDEO!”. Just this month, we had an agent call on one of our listings and say that their CLIENT had sent them our video and they wanted to see the house. Yes – this is real, and we’re under contract! A big thank you to Stephen Garner and HUB Media Company for always being one step ahead of the game. – Mindy, RE/MAX

The West Wing property is under contract… The buyer’s agent who lives in the neighborhood got our open house flyer, came to the open house and said “wow my sister who lives out of state would love this house, what is the MLS number?” Tiffany said “oh I have better than that let me send you a video we made of this listing and you can forward it to her and see what she thinks”…she loved the video, her and her husband actually flew in to see the home (and others of course) but ultimately ours was the one that they bought – BOOM. That video really came in handy FYI :-)George, RE/MAX


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Becky – Walter and I have looked at the video and it has been very well done! Perhaps we should be buying the house!! – Becky, RE/MAX


“Went to their home tonight to finalize paperwork and they just happened to ask when I thought the video wold be complete and I told them I had just received it. I showed them right there on my phone and they were blown away! They said they never would have thought it would have looked that good. They want me to send them the link so they can post it to their FB account for their friends to see. THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! Thanks Stephen, your Da’ Man!!” – Dan, RE/MAX


“Thanks for your work. BTW; I had a listing appointment yesterday and they were hammering me on commission. I wouldn’t budge from 6% because I know what we do and we are worth it. They had another agent that would do it for 4.5%. or 1.5% on sell side. This is a $1,200,000.00 listing. I emailed them the video and they thought it was fantastic. Called me later and said they were going with me. Got the signed listing contract this morning. Guess we are doing another video…” – Andre, Phoenix

“Back when I was seriously contemplating making the quantum leap from my sales position in the Automotive industry, to becoming a real estate agent, I was looking for a way to give myself an “edge” and be different than all the other agents out there. I stumbled upon one of the actual property video’s on Stephens YouTube channel then saw some of the instructional ones after that and recognized I found my “niche”. HD video with some very cool ways to shoot! Me being a Mac fan, just concreted the idea. After watching all the instructional video’s several times, finally called Stephen. WOW, he actually picked up the phone and was so nice to spend 30 min or so with me answering questions. Had to give him some “prop’s”! Oh… sorry Stephen, forgot, it’s called “Social Proof”! Can’t wait to fly from Atlanta soon and attend some of your classes. Thanks again for all the help” – Chris Coldwell Banker Atlanta

Stephen, I have been to a number of seminars in my real-estate career looking for the new technology that can help propel me to the top. It is not often that I am so impressed by a seminar but every once in a while there is that one special seminar that shines as the noon day sun. Yours was such a seminar. It so profoundly showed me what I have been looking for even when I didn’t know what I needed myself. I went to you video seminar for real estate and found you to be in a class all your own. In a previous profession I worked as professional photographer, weddings, sports, groups, etc., but I wasn’t wasn’t prepared to experience the level of professional knowledge and skill that you showed at the seminar. What you are teaching I have not seen before but it is the wave of the future for those that wish to excel. Thank you for changing the direction of my career. You are the rudder who has changed the course of my ships travel. I think everyone serious about achieving should attend your seminars. Thanks for showing me. – Terry, Phoenix

Stephen, I attended your class today on Video Marketing. You did an excellent job of presenting the content and made it easy to apply it to my Real Estate business and marketing plan. I know we’re not supposed refer to experience, however, I’ve been in sales and sales management with a Fortune 500 company for 38 years. Your class ranks as one of the top ones that I’ve taken.
Thank you.Ted, Phoenix

Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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