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Community Real Estate MarketingREALTORS, Take your real estate hat off and put your consumer hat on. Imagine this. You are in the market for a new home in Phoenix, or Chandler, Sun Lakes – you get the point. So, like over 90% of consumers, you start your search on the internet.
Your search returns 1-10 of 30,000 pages. You quickly realize – you will need some help. You search again, this time adding more keywords to narrow down your search; subdivisions that are in your child’s school district and in close proximity to your job. You are not familiar with all the neighborhoods at this point so working with a real estate agent or REALTOR® makes perfect sense.

Given the scenario above, would you prefer to work with a real estate agent that works the general area you want to buy in (Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe) or an agent that works the subdivision you want to buy in (Val Vista Lakes, Ocotillo, Clemente Ranch, Dc Ranch)?

If you’re like me, and I am betting you are, you would choose the real estate agent that knows the most about the subdivisions you are interested in. By “knows the most about” I’m talking about builders, market trends, things to do, floor plans, lot sizes, lifestyle, etc.

But how do you find a real estate agent like that? Even better (put your real estate hat back on) how can you, the real estate agent, be seen as the expert in the area? How can you have buyers coming to you? Asking for your help?
The answer – Community real estate videos.

She Found It
The house I live in now – my wife found it. We lived in an adjacent community, but she (the wife) always, unbenounced to me, wanted to live in the gated community we now call home. It was on the way to the grocery store. A store she visited at least 2 times per week. On her way to the store, if the gate was open she would drive in. She did this over and over again until one day she drove through the community, found an exclusive listing, drove home, told me to “get in the car” and here we are almost 9 years later.

Google Is Your Friend
Today, consumers don’t need to drive a subdivision. They can simply “Google it”. (Fellas, ask your wife what community she wants to live in next – I bet she knows) And this is a great way for you to get found online. While Zillow, Trulia and Realtor dot com are sure to take up the 1st page of Google for homes for sale, there is a way you can leapfrog them and get the attention of consumers most interested in the communities you market. That way? Community real estate videos. Below is a community video of the master planned, active adult community of Sun lakes in Sun Lakes Arizona by Amy Jones of the Amy Jones Group at RE/MAX Infinity.

Personal Branding
Community videos are what we call “stealth marketing”. Community videos are excellent for tying your personal brand to the community or subdivision. If done correctly, the residents of the community/subdivision will identify with the video and share it with their friends and family, further extending the reach and personal brand of the real estate agent. From the video above you can certainly tell that Amy knows the community of Sun Lakes like the back of her hand. Note: YOU MUST BE IN THE VIDEO! Video is very powerful for building trust. Check to the many benefits of using video in real estate

Some Suggestions
The best community/subdivision videos will be an advertisement for the community, not the real estate agent. They will also be professional. By “professional” I mean, not a shaky video by a real estate agent holding their iPhone or iPad as they drive a community. Some great options include story board, like the video above, or voiceover narration. NAR reports 73% of sellers would list with a real estate agent that would use video to market their property. You can extend your personal brand and get found online by creating community videos for the areas you want to serve. We can help bring the community to life.

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