Building Your Real Estate Brand With Video Interviews

Use interviews to align your real estate business with prominent builders, architects, interior designers and more
Use video interviews to align your real estate brand with prominent builders, architects, interior designers and more

The best real estate agents and teams are no longer transactional. In the old days the top real estate agents were only one off from their next deal – they ate what they killed if you will. Today the biggest and best real estate teams are publishers, publicists and producers, creating carefully crafted brands that work for them 24/7 – even while they sleep.

These teams, or brands if you will, carefully craft real estate content designed to educate and inform the consumer while bringing them closer – aligning themselves with the markets they serve. They have effectively created their own markets and now dominate them.

Content is what the consumer looks for we they head online. In the real estate space this content is homes for sale of course but it’s much bigger than that. Not every buyer knows right away where they want to call home. Depending on where they are in the sales cycle the buyer may start their search with schools, employers, things to do, communities and more. It’s by creating regular, valuable, educational and unique content that can help the consumer find them.

When it comes to real estate, consumers want to work with the expert. The real estate agent perceived to be the expert in a given area is perceived to have more and valuable information about the area. Information ranging from pocket listings to the best dentists, plastic surgeons, restaurants, builders, designers, social clubs, schools, communities and more. This information saves them time and money.

This content is a mix of old and new marketing. Old being direct mail, newsletters, postcards, flyers and new being national and international magazines, blog posts and articles, videos, social media ads, SEO, landing pages and more.

One of the common misconceptions about content marketing is the topic has to be about real estate. It doesn’t. One of the ways you can align yourself with an area or market and get more eyeballs on your brand is through the use of interviews. You can  interview experts on the topics your market cares about and would seek out. Ideally these interviews should be in video form as video not only offers more information, it’s also faster and offers a deeper view into your brand. So, who should you interview? Here are some examples below.

Interior Designers

In the 1970’s houses had no personality and were just rooms we lived in until we moved to the next property. Today, homes have culture and personality. Today, it’s not uncommon to see homes with multiple rooms dedicated to various parts of the world or time periods. Interior design is a $9 Billion dollar industry with over 12,000 design firms and 68,000 interior designers. Choose a prominent interior designer that serves your market and interview him/her about current and emerging trends in your market. Where do they see interior design going in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and why. Where should a homeowner begin their search for an interior designer and what qualifying questions should the buyer ask? This kind of video can be easily shared via email, social media, embedded in your website, added to a CRM and will likely be shared by the interior designer as a form of “social proof” – inserting you, the agent into the designers sphere of influence.


They say buildings are the voice of the community. The design of homes in Arizona (and the U.S. as a whole) has undergone significant changes over the last decade. Home layout – features, smart systems, and products; kitchens, baths and outdoor spaces. These key trends have been identified by the American Institute of Architects or AIA. The key trends that they identified are the growing popularity of universal design; increased attention to a healthy living environment; infill development, focus on improved design; and the growing popularity of kitchens as the focus of household activities. The AIA notes, formal living rooms and dining rooms are disappearing, replaced by great rooms, dens, and open-space layouts. There has also been significant growth in outdoor living. In decades past  decks, patios, and outdoor grills were the focus, new design trends have expanded to outdoor kitchens and even fully furnished outdoor rooms. Interview a prominent Architect in your market. Ask them about emerging trends in Architecture. What are the trends they are seeing in Silverleaf, DC Ranch, Estancia, Fountain Hills and Paradise Valley and why. What should a buyer look for in an architect?

Landscape Designs

In Arizona we spend significant time outside our homes. We don’t just entertain outside, as noted above we are seeing the emergence of fully furnished outdoor rooms and kitchens. Tropical courtyards, elaborate water features, terraces, plants, flowers and trees help highlight architectural features such as fireplaces, gardens, sculptures and views. All of this is highlighted by elaborate outdoor lighting and curb appeal. In some parts of the valley its not uncommon for buyers to spend $100,000 or more on landscape design. Find a well known landscape designer or firm and interview them about emerging trends in landscape design. What is in and what is most definitely out? What are some of their favorite projects and why? Talk about before and after supported with images or videos.


One of the most common building trends is an exodus from dark and Tuscan homes to a light and bright Contemporary style. Hand scraped engineered wood is being replaced by wood-look tile. The grey’s and whites are everywhere. Appliances, once prominently displayed are now being carefully hidden behind disappearing walls and cabinets. Today’s builders are looking past Granite in high-end kitchens and expanding their horizons to engineered stone and other countertop options. Stainless steel, isn’t going anywhere but like granite, it’s everywhere – even in apartments. Builders are now favoring new designs from Miele — glass appliances in all black, white, red or chocolate. Cabinets are now comprised of lighter woods or more natural-colored walnuts. A high end kitchen isn’t complete without a Hoshizaki ice maker or a Miele Coffee System. Interview a prominent builder in the market your serve.  While Shea and TW Lewis are great, the trend is in hiring smaller more intimate builders like Cullum, Salcito and Skapa Design Build. Find a builder in your market and interview them. What are some of their favorite projects and why. Are Arizona’s elite choosing infill projects closer to downtown or view lots overlooking Camelback or Mummy Mountain? 


There are just a few of the interviews you can do. Aligning yourself with emerging trends in your area will not only differentiate you from your competition but will also help elevate your brand. These interviews can not only be sent to potential clients as “social proof” but also used in CRM’s, posted to social media, embedded in websites and indexed in search engines like Google – potentially living forever. Now, how should you film these interviews? Well, you could use your iPhone but I certainly wouldn’t recommend that. Good lighting, audio, angles, storyline, B-Roll etc will be imperative for these type of interviews. That’s where we come in. Hire Hub Media Company to help you create an educational interview series worthy of being shared not just by you, but the Architect, Landscape designer or builder you are trying to align yourself with. Want to learn more? Fill out the form below. 

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