How To Add Google Analytics To YouTube Channel (and WHY You Should) | Video

Add Google Analytics To YouTube ChannelIf you have been in real estate for any significant period of time you likely have a real estate website. Owning a website (in my opinion) is a necessity given that over 90% of consumers start their home search online. And if you do have a real estate website you SHOULD have Google Analytics installed on it as well.

Owning a website without Google Analytics is like trying to drive a car with a windshield you can’t see out of. Without Google Analytics it’s impossible to know HOW consumers are finding your real estate website. Did they come from a Google search or maybe it was Yahoo, or was it Bing? Without Google Analytics it’s impossible to know what websites are referring consumers to your real estate website – websites like Facebook, Twitter, ActiveRain, Zillow etc. Without Google Analytics it’s impossible to know what consumers DO when they get to your website – are they landing on your homepage or is it a menu page or even a post? Without Google Analytics it’s impossible to know how LONG consumers are staying on your website – are they perusing your real estate website, learning more about you and what you do or are they landing and leaving immediately? What countries are they from, are you big in India or the United States? And if it is the U.S – what states? Google Analytics will tell you all of this and more which will help you create more and better content to attract your ideal client – that is what Google Analytics is all about – creating BETTER content.

The same benefits Google Analytics gives to your real estate website, it also gives to your YouTube channel. By adding Google Analytics to your Youtube Channel you can easily find out how consumers are finding your YouTube channel. Was it a Google search or maybe it was a property video or even a HOW TO video that sent them there. You can also find out if you’ve built up any brand loyalty which can be measured by the number of unique users vs return visitors to your YouTube Channel. Google analytics offers a wealth of information IF you have it installed, which we are going to do right now – ready?

How To Add Google Analytics To YouTube Channel

It’s important to note, once you add Google Analytics to your YouTube Channel it will take a few days before it starts measuring the data above. If after checking your analytics you realize you are not getting the traffic you want/need or that your time on site is too low or your bounce rate is too high, you’ll want to adjust your content marketing plan. For some of you it will mean better optimization of your YouTube channel and YouTube videos. For others it will mean better syndication to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc is in order. And for others it may mean better calls to action to get the consumer to DO something.

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