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Real Estate Bloopers
A blooper, also known as an outtake or gag reel, is a short clip of a video production, typically a deleted clip, containing a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew.

Common blooper examples include forgotten lines, hysterical laughter and unanticipated incidents. Bloopers take place everywhere – TV, radio, news reports to name a few. Often the blooper is a mistaken word or word taken out of context.

We LOVE bloopers. There are entire TV shows, YouTube channels and websites dedicated to bloopers. Many are hysterical. Watching someone make a mistake, not just the mistake but what comes after it – the reaction to the mistake is highly entertaining.

Over the years I have created, literally over 1000 real estate videos. Listing videos, green screen, lifestyle, documentary. Shooting that many real estate videos, I experience a lot of bloopers. Some merit a chuckle, others have literally make me cry in laughter.

Many videographers delete these bloopers in post production, I don’t. Some bloopers were so EPIC, I started creating blooper reels for my real estate clients. I encourage the real estate agent or loan officer to share the videos with their sphere of influence through their social media channels (facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and email. I call these real estate blooper videos – Stealth Marketing. The blooper reel helps a real estate agents or loan officers network to see them not just as a sales person, but a PERSON. They say business IS business but it doesn’t always have to be.

An interesting thing about the real estate agents and loan officers that have shared their bloopers with their past, present clients, friends and family – there are typically 5 to 10 x’s MORE views and comments on my clients blooper videos than other types of videos. This activity is engagement. It’s time they are spending watching YOU. Identifying with YOU.

This engagement, this interaction is time your past and present clients are watching you. Time they are laughing WITH you. Time that you are top of mind. This is stealth marketing. So the next time you create a real estate video for your listing (and you should be), if and when you make a funny mistake – and you will – save them, share them with your social network, You’ll be glad you did.

Want more? Check out some of the other blooper reels I’ve created in the playlist below.

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