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Aerial Real Estate Video PhoenixAs a leader in real estate video in Phoenix, Arizona we work with a lot of great real estate agents, real estate teams, real estate brokerages, builders, title companies and lenders. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t ask about aerial real estate video.

Aerial real estate video is all the rage. A quick search of Facebook or YouTube will return thousands of aerial videos. This is clearly a technology many real estate professionals have gravitated towards. And for good reason. There are some properties that can truly only be shown from the air. Notice I said SOME.

Real estate is a cut throat business. Often the difference between one agent getting a prized listing and another is their marketing. To many real estate agents, aerial video is the answer. I find many real estate professionals want aerial video without a true understanding of even why they want it. It sounds cool, hell, it is cool, but it’s not meant for all properties, in fact – aerial video can hurt your chances of selling some properties.

Lets discuss when to and not to use aerial video in your real estate marketing.

When To Use Aerial Real Estate Video

  • When the property has significant acreage
  • When the property is of significant size (I suggest 5,000 sq ft + in my market)
  • When the property backs to a golf course
  • When the property backs to mountains or other views
  • When the property backs to a body of water
  • To show the neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities
  • When the property can’t properly be shown from the ground
  • When you are trying to show the property relative to a landmark (freeway, major employers, schools, community center etc)

When NOT To Use Aerial Real Estate Video

  • When the property is average
  • If the property is single story and sides or backs to two-story properties
  • When the property backs to power lines, power station, waste management site
  • When the property backs to a major road or freeway

How To Use Aerial Real Estate Video

Aerial video should be used sparingly. As an establishing shot. An establishing shot in the video world clearly establishes where an event is taking place. Watch any movie, TV show, Sitcom and you’ll notice before the scene begins you have a clear idea of where its taking place. At “Cheers” is was an establishing shot of the outside of the bar. In “Friends” it was an establishing shot of “Central Perk” or at Seinfeld it was an establishing shot of “Tom’s Diner”, I could go on and on. This is what aerial video is best used for – to show the consumer where the house is.

The Problem With Aerial Real Estate Video

But there is a problem. While real estate agents LOVE aerial video, the consumer gets bored of it rather quickly. By quickly I mean 5 seconds or more. In fact, after the 5 seconds it becomes annoying. “OK, I get it Mr/Mrs agent, now show me the inside!”. So you can see the problem when there are these 30 second aerial videos of the SAME – BORING – THING. This is one way aerial video can hurt you. Now, if you must use aerial video, break it up. 3-5 seconds in the beginning. 3-5 seconds at the end. But too much of anything is a bad thing and aerial video in real estate is no different.

The Big Mistake With Aerial Real Estate Video

I see some aerial video of the outside of a property and that’s it. Holy boring. Would you buy a car without seeing the inside? Would you buy shoes without trying them on? (ok maybe) but aerial video is used to market a property which means you have to show them what they really care about, the inside. The granite counters, the wood floors, the stainless appliances, the great room, the man cave, the master bedroom the pool, spa etc. This is truly what the consumer cares about. In fact, they may wonder if there is something wrong with the inside of the property if you are only showing them the outside, I know I would.

There are no shortage of people, companies hobbyists that will shoot aerial video for you, this is an emerging technology and field that will no doubt continue to grow. But just because the technology exists doesn’t always mean it is the best for every situation. In fact, aerial video can hurt you. Click to learn more about how NOT to use aerial video in real estate.

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