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Seller interview real estate videoAs a real estate professional you are accustomed to marketing your clients property for sale. With regard to video marketing you can easily speak about the bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, gourmet kitchen the resort style backyard and more.

What you can’t do however is explain what it’s like to actually live in a property. The views of Camelback Mountain in the morning, the city lights at sunset. The things to do in the area, why you chose the property, upgrades and more.

This is where your seller(s) story being told by the seller to potential buyers can be very powerful. What parts of the property do they like most? Why? Why did they choose that community or subdivision? Why that lot? As consumers we are swayed by “social proof”, what someone else thinks about something else, whether we know them or not. Kind of like Amazon reviews of a product. Below are some of our most recent seller stories.

7181 E Camelback Rd Scottsdale AZ from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

5457 E Herrera Drive Phoenix AZ | Private Client Group from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

4605 E Caron Street Phoenix AZ from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

37 Biltmore Estates Drive Phoenix | Private Client Group | Russ Lyon Sothebys from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

45635 N 20th Street New River AZ from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

5920 E Caron Circle Paradise Valley AZ from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

15036 E Camelview Drive Fountain Hills AZ | Steven Hunter from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

Dr. Mike Murray Interview from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

9220 N Lava Bluff Trail Fountain Hills AZ from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

5309 N 34th Street Phoenix AZ from HUB Media Company on Vimeo.

Seller interview videos are not right for every property or even every seller. We only recommend them for special properties. Custom homes, multi million dollar homes, view lots etc. For more information about our seller interview videos please fill out the form below.

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  • 1) Introduction A contract is formed between a customer (referred to as the “customer”) and HUB Media Company (referred to as "HMC") when an order is received from the customer. An order may be in written, verbal or electronic form. The product or service shall mean any product or service that is provided by HMC to the customer. 2) As Is Hub Media Company's {HMC} listing video's products, while customized, are designed for 48 - 36 hour turnaround and therefore are considered "as is" products, available under our flat rate structure. All other products through HMC, subdivision and community videos, green screen, screen cast are custom projects, and require a separate proposal of services. 3) Supply HMC agrees to supply the product(s) or service(s) to the customer as detailed in the order and according to the terms and conditions of this contract. 4) Payment HMC shall issue an invoice to the customer in respect of products or services supplied, or to be supplied, the payment terms for which will be stipulated on the invoice. HMC reserves the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at an annual rate of 5% above the Lloyds TSB Bank base rate ruling on the date payment is due. 5) Liability HMC accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may arise from the supply of the product(s) or service(s). In the unlikely event of HMC being unable to supply the product(s) or service(s) as specified in the order, liability shall be limited to the total invoice value – or monies already paid by the customer 6) Copyright Unless otherwise stated in the order, the HMC retains copyright in all their original material. Original material includes video recordings, graphics, soundtracks, printed material and any other design or artwork commissioned by the customer in relation to the order. The customer must ensure that permission is sought for the inclusion of any copyright material they supply to HMC to enable them to deliver the product(s) or service(s). The customer must also ensure that permission is sought for the inclusion of any performers or performances, trademarks and locations. HMC retains the right to use this material in its original and edited form as they see fit, unless otherwise agreed in the order. The customer agrees to indemnify HMC in the event of any breach of copyright claims being brought against HMC in respect of material supplied by the customer. 7) Care and Damage to Client Property While every care is taken in the handling of the customer’s property, HMC accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, however caused, or any other loss by unforeseen circumstances while they are in the custody of HMC. Liability for such loss or damage will be limited to the replacement cost of the materials or media and in no circumstances will any liability attach to any claim for the value of the content. 8) Right of Assignment HMC retains the right to assign the supply and/or production of the product(s) or service(s) to the customer to another suitable company should they be unable to complete these terms and conditions. 9) Confidentiality Unless otherwise agreed HMC will treat any information gained during the supply of the product(s) or service(s) as being private and confidential. Likewise, the customer shall keep confidential any methodologies and technology used by the company to supply of the product(s) or service(s).

Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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