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Upload Video To ZillowGame Changer. I know, I know – I hate that term too. It’s typically accompanied by some corny internet program from some paid spokesman to market a product you don’t need and have no use for. But this is different and I do believe it is a game changer.

I’m talking about Zillow’s new video feature.

Prominent Real Estate Agent Branding

It doesn’t have a name yet (that I know of) but it will be very popular with forward thinking real estate agents. Zillow’s new video feature allows real estate agents to upload professional quality videos with their listings on the number 1 consumer destination for real estate searches. The fact the videos are “pro level” is not what makes this new feature a game changer. The game changer is this – the listing agent can be in the video. See Video Zillow Now Supports Pro Level Branded Video

Think about that for a moment. As real estate agents, you constantly hunt down consumers to tell them you are in real estate. You have clever tricks and sayings like “oh by the way…..” or wearing your name badge everywhere you go or wrapping your car or billboards and and and – all to get the consumers attention, all to differentiate yourself and your brand. With Zillow’s new feature YOU are right in front of the consumer AT THE EXACT MONET IN TIME THEY CARE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. #GameChanger

Yesterday I got a look at the new feature and how it’s presented from Chris May of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Atlanta Georgia. Chris paid the $149 each for 3 listings and the result is beautiful. The videos, with Chris in them, are prominent – it’s the first thing you see and the videos are front and center on desktop and mobile. Click on either image below to see the listing on Zillow


Add Video To Zillow


Upload Video To Zillow

Additional Cost Per Video

While some agents are complaining about the additional charge of $149 per video let me remind you it’s $149. And it’s to market yourself and your listings on the #1 real estate website. You can’t even get a good direct mail flyer or postcard done for $149 – and those people likely are not in the market to buy or sell while the Zillow visitors likely are, if not now, in the near future.

This Is Not Only A Buyer Thing

Some real estate agents will see this new feature as something to attract only buyers. But I think it will be the listing agents that will really kill it with this new feature. We already know, home seller are BUYERS before the are sellers because they are online searching for where they are going next, usually BEFORE they reach out to a real estate agent. Many will end up on Zillow. If these sellers come across a listing with this new video feature and if the agent is in the video like Chris May above and if that agent comes across as passionate and professional and knowledgeable (like Chris does) – I can see potential sellers reaching out to Chris to sell their home. Why wouldn’t they?

Calls To Action

This new feature offers countless possibilities for endless calls to action. As an agent prominently displayed to the consumer you could say “for more information about this property call me Chris May at….” or “For more information about this home or maybe you would like to know what your home is worth in todays market call me Chris May at…..” or “Thank you for your time, to schedule a private showing of this home please call me Chris May at… or to learn more about me and how we sell our clients home for more money in less time please visit my website at…. “

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