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realtor_videoWhen I talk to real estate agents about using video in their real estate business many of them freeze up “video, me! Nooooo…. Stephen”. Some give me excuses like – “I will” or “I want to lose 10 lbs first” or for the ladies “Stephen…look at my hair!”.

Look, I get it, I went through the frustration and insecurity of being in front of the camera too which is why I can empathize. I can easily recognize it – real estate agents that are still caught up in the whole “what will other people think” stage; they simply don’t know how to get out of their own way. That’s common.

Back when I was a title rep, before I started Hub Media Company, I taught real estate marketing classes all over the valley. At brokerages and lenders, SEVRAR, WEMAR, SAAR and every other acronym you can probably think of. In my real estate video classes we discussed camera equipment, audio, editing software, video topics, video syndication and one of the most important topics – MINDSET.

Over the years I have learned people are motivated by 2 things. 1) Looking Good and 2) NOT Looking Bad. So you can see that an issue could arise when it comes to being on video.

The most important part of using video for real estate is not how you look, it’s actually – providing VALUE. You see this is what the consumer is actually looking for. (They really could care less what you look like).  What they care about is the words that are coming out of your mouth. How you will help them save time and/or money. How you will make them smarter.

Since 2008, I’ve created thousands of real estate videos. Cinematic property tours, subdivision and community videos, green screen, screencast, interviews, aerial, lifestyle real estate videos and so on.

Many real estate agents just starting out in real estate video make the mistake of comparing themselves to other real estate agents, ones already leveraging video in their business. Real estate agents like Amy Jones with RE/MAX Infinity.

This is a mistake.

When you click that play button what you are seeing is the end. The final product. What you don’t see is the road traveled to get there. The mistakes, the “um’s” and “ah’s” and the swaying from right to left, the frustration – the swearing – the pacing – you don’t see any of that. But I promise you it’s there.

Well with the permission of Amy Jones of the Amy Jones Group I have included a video for you to review. I’m showing you this video because I want you to get this – mistakes will happen, you are not alone, we ALL go through them. As I said, I have made thousands of videos and made thousands of mistakes. I just kept on going. And so should you. It’s called “failing forward”.

Amy Jones, RE/MAX Infinity

If you have ever seen Amy Jones on video you know she KILLS IT her finished videos are great but as you can see it used to take some time to get there. One thing you can clearly hear is me, giving some direction ( and laughing hysterically). I always ask my agent partners “are you open for some feedback and suggestions?”. We are in this together.

Using video in your real estate business can be stressful and confusing, feelings that are normal, find someone you trust to help you. Someone that will tell you how you REALLY sound and what your body language is REALLY saying. It doesn’t matter how “happy and excited” you are to help someone buy or sell their next home if your face is saying something different.

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