Real Estate Video Production: Getting Over Fear Of Being On Video

When I was a kid, the Chicago Bulls were it. There was no team better. When I say “team” I am actually referring to Michael Jordan. He couldn’t miss! It seemed like everything he touched was good. He dunked with ease. So much so that I (and countless hundreds of thousands of other kids) thought, if we had his sneakers – “Air Jordan’s” or a Chicago Bulls Starter – we could be “like Mike”. Well, it didn’t take long to realize, “white men can’t jump” is not just a movie if ya know what I mean.

Mike made it look EASY. What we didn’t see is the thousands of hours he practiced to get better. The first in/ last out of the gym every day. The playing hurt, the missed shots, we didn’t see any of that, only the end result. Perfection.

It’s the same with real estate video. As you know, video is only getting bigger. I make this bold prediction…. Those real estate agents NOT using video in their real estate business will be irrelevant. They will be irrelevant for one reason and one reason only – CONSUMERS ARE DEMANDING IT. It used to happen once in a while, now it happens at least 3 times a month; an agent calling me franticly to shoot their listing because the seller demanded video as a condition of listing.

Real estate agents are a commodity in the eyes of most consumers. It’s why a buyer can walk into an open house and choose the first agent they find to represent them in what is the largest financial decision most of us will ever make. But video can differentiate you from your competition. One of the best ways to use video in real estate is to appear in your listing videos. When it comes to marketing, it’s (in my opinion) the BEST use of video in real estate. Priceless marketing actually. Pricless because the seller will be sharing the video with their friends and family through email and social media, it will be indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. And WHO is in the video??? Yep.

I meet so many real estate agents that are scared of being on video. They may have tried but couldn’t get it done and thought there was something wrong with them, that they were not suited for video in real estate. Well, to dispel this myth (and it is a myth) I have created the video below to hopefully not only put video in the proper perspective, but to get you out of your own way as well.

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Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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