Real Estate Video Phoenix| Should You Hire A Professional?

real estate video phoenixIf you are looking for Real Estate Video in Phoenix, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve been in this business for a long time. When I say “this business” I am referring to the real estate industry – title insurance to be specific. I’ve worked with seasoned agents and newbies of all levels of production. When it comes to real estate agents, old, young, male, female, pro or newbie one thing rings true – they ALL want to save money, wherever they can.

Being a real estate agent is expensive. There are MLS fees, lockbox fees, broker fees, and fees upon fees. And that’s before an agent even makes their first sale. Of all the costs associated with being a real estate agent, one of the most important costs is marketing. In real estate school, real estate agents learn just enough to keep themselves (and their brokers) out of trouble but they don’t learn JACK about marketing themselves, online or otherwise.

One of the most effective ways to market real estate (and the real estate agent of course) is through the use of video. There are many benefits of using video in real estate. With technology advancing and costs coming down, hi definition cameras and editing equipment has never been more affordable than it is today. So, should you hire a Phoenix Real Estate Video Company  to shoot real estate videos? Below are some reasons why savvy real estate agents choose to hire a Phoenix Real Estate Video  professional for their video needs.

  1. Time: How much is your time worth? Learning something new takes time, hours, days, months – this is time savvy real estate pros would rather spend doing “dollar productive” tasks like taking listings, spending time with buyers, open houses, pop bye’s, etc than learning something like video that is not. HD Cameras and video editing platforms are everywhere today which can be very tempting for agents that want to control their marketing costs but shooting a real estate video can take hours. A 2,000 square foot house took me 3 hours to shoot when I started out and another 4 to edit – thats 7 hours for a 2 minute video!
  2. Cost: The cost of video equipment has certainly come down over the years but it’s still a sizable investment. A DSLR camera ranges from $600 on the low end to $5,000 on the high end. These cameras create HUGE HD files that cannot be handled or rendered by your average office PC. A good computer meant for video editing starts around $800 used, up to $5,000 new. You can have the best camera but what you put on it will determine the quality of your video. “Kit” lenses are not expensive but wide angle lenses certainly are, $500 on the low end to $2500 on the high end. And we haven’t gotten into tripods yet.
  3. Professional Results: Anyone can point a camera and press a button, but it takes a seasoned pro to get the results consumers want to see. Not shaky, over-exposed or under-exposed video, not orange or green, not boring or mundane but a video that really makes a property come to life. Think about the last product you bought because of a commercial. Would you have bought it if the presentation wasn’t professional? Probably not (and if you would you would likely want a more “competitive” price)
  4. Eyeballs: Real estate agents leverage video to get attention for their listings, their business, themselves; but that attention comes at a price – quality. Consumers have a very short attention span and will not invest any time in something that does not engage or stimulate them. Today, eyeballs go to the best content online – that content is often video.


A professionally produced video is your calling card, it is your brand. Not many industries are as saturated or as competitive as real estate. Savvy real estate pros can stand out from their competition by leveraging the power a Phoenix Real Estate Video Company can provide.

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Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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