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Phoenix Real Estate VideoToday I have closed one chapter in my career and opened another. Today I am an entrepreneur, today I am a business owner. Today I started working exclusively for my own company – HUB Media Company, a Phoenix Real Estate Video Company.

My Background

As you may know, I was a sales and marketing representative for Driggs Title Agency. As a sales and marketing rep I helped my clients grow their business, and their brands, with the use of real estate video, all kinds of video. Listing videos, green screen, lifestyle, aerial, screencast. Video was my unique selling proposition.

My “hook” was simple – leave your existing title relationship, move your business to me and I will help you grow your real estate business – with real estate video. Some of the top producers in the valley took me up on this offer, many couldn’t believe these agents, many with LONG standing relationships, moved their business to the smaller title company I worked for. Me? I wasn’t surprised. I knew business people, given the opportunity to make a BUSINESS decision, would make it. And they did. Business. Is. Business. It’s not called FUN for a reason.

My Problem

My value proposition worked well when I got the escrows but as you know, the selling agent can’t always control the deal, which left me essentially out of luck for 50-60% of the videos I made. (Not a very good business decision on my part).

At the same time, I had numerous agents contact me about shooting videos for them that had no interest in changing title companies and/or escrow officers. So I was stuck, I could only maintain my business not scale it the way I wanted to.

My Solution

I realized shooting videos for escrows, I would only get half of the time (if that), was not going to work. So I decided I would be better served doing what I love on my own, outside of title. Am I scared? Sure, not getting a steady paycheck will do that! Oh and health insurance? Don’t even get me started there. But I am encouraged by the thousands of you that did exactly that to pursue your passion – real estate.

Our Partners

Our partners are Fidelity National Title and Lawyers Title. As industry leaders, part of the largest title insurance group in the world, their representatives offer some of the best business to business solutions to their real estate partners. Fidelity and Lawyers Title clients receive preferred pricing on our video and photography products. Who is “our”? Some of the top videographers and photographers in the valley. Professionals that work hard to create passion in their respective arts. Together we will soon have a 1,600 square foot video studio, centrally located in Tempe where we can synergize to create the best, most competitively priced real estate marketing products and services for you.


If you have questions about the preferred pricing models our videographers and photographers have to offer you please reach out to your Fidelity National Title and/or Lawyers Title representative or simply fill out the form below. Oh and for those of you that have missed the marketing classes on topics like YouTube, WordPress, Content Marketing, HUB Marketing, SEO etc – they are coming back soon as well. Check back regularly as class dates are announced. I appreciate you all

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in HMC. We provide the highest quality business, commercial, event video productions, classes and services. We look forward to meeting you. Please fill out the form below or call 480.223.8113

Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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