Where To Get Music For Your Real Estate Videos

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Music for real estate videos

Over the years I’ve seen some amazing real estate videos. The shots are carefully crafted, the lighting is perfect, the editing is amazing, the aerial footage is insane. The video should of been great. There was only one thing wrong, and it’s a big one – the music.

Music can make or break your real estate video. The right music sets the tone and advances the story line. Music can add drama, heighten anticipation and add to the overall production. Music can make good videos great and otherwise great videos horrible.

Not all music is created the same. The music you choose for your real estate videos, whether it be property videos, community or subdivision videos, team or agent biopics or company biopics, lifestyle, talking head or even green screen should add to the story and not take away from it.

Unfortunately, many choose music that does not fit the target audience leaving the viewer hanging or not engaged.

Understanding your target audience

Although I started Hub Media Company in 2013, I’ve been shooting real estate videos since 2008. Before we edit a real estate video we have a clear understanding of who the target audience is. A baby boomer will require a different style of music and editing than a millennial. A baby boomer will generally be a slower style music track with less beats per minute and little if any EDM used. Whereas a Millennial could be the exact opposite. A baby boomer video’s editing style could require little if any transitions whereas a Millenial video could require multiple transitions – flashes, fades, blends and time lapses.

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Where To Get Music For Your Videos

There are thousands of websites dedicated to providing music tracks. Some free and some with a hefty cost associated with them. Below are some of the websites we’ve used to find music for our real estate partners.


Yes, YouTube. Youtube has a large variety of music tracks and they are free. Sure, it’s not the best but did I mention its free? You can use Youtube’s music tracks in your real estate videos with monetization (advertising), sometimes without attribution to the creator. The tracks range from classical to fun and silly to corporate.

Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle, part of the Envato Market is a paid music provider. They have thousands of music tracks and sound effects, some for as little as $1. Most are $19+. You can use Audio Jungle’s search engine to search by popular, featured, top authors, most downloaded and more. With genres ranging from ambient to classical, children, cinematic, corporate, EDM, hip-hop, holiday, jazz, vocals and more. Best of all, because you are purchasing a license for the music you can use it on popular video hosting sites like YouTube without fear of monetization (someone advertising on your video). Note, AudioJungle and the other sites below offer a single use license meaning you must pay each time you use the track in a video.

The Music Bed

The Music Bed is all about creatives. Primarily used by filmmakers, the Music Bed has some amazing tracks – at a cost. Often used for broadcast, films, documentaries, commercials and paid advertising, tracks on the music bed can range from $50 to $300+ based upon the music’s use. You can search by genre, mood, artist, length, instrument, beats per minute, lyrics, vocals and more.


Marmoset is a creative agency specializing in perfectly pairing music with motion picture, video and film. You can search Marmoset’s library based upon almost anything – energy, mood, arc, length, instruments, or even request a custom track be made for your production. Yes, it is pricy however I find the best music (most complex) on Marmoset. Tracks on Marmoset can range from $199 to several thousand dollars depending on the tracks use.

Premium Beat

Premium Beat, also a paid site, offers thousands of royalty free tracks and sound effects. You can search by genre, mood, artist, length, beats per minute, length and most popular – be it today, last week, last month, last year or even all time. Music licenses include standard license or premium. The standard license is for web content (like real estate videos) that is not commercially distributed and costs $49 whereas premium is for TV and radio, corporate, games and point of sale at a cost of $200+.


Pond5 unlike the others offers more than music. Other products include photos, sound effects, 3D models, After Effects templates, vectors and more. Pond5 is a membership website offering memberships for $99 per month up to an annual membership costing $399 per year. Pond5 claims to offer 2X’s more content than any other membership online.

Regardless of where you choose to get your music, free or paid it is imperative to find the right track for your real estate videos. Of course, if you are a real estate professional in Arizona you can hire Hub Media Company where we’ll create you an awesome real estate video with a music track that is sure to compliment you, your property and your brand. To learn more please fill out the form below or call us.

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