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Most Effective Types Of Real Estate VideoYesterday I received a call from a real estate agent in Texas. His question? What are the (best) most effective types of real estate video?

This is a great question. Much like other things; cars, televisions, real estate agents, they are not all created the same. Some cars, televisions, real estate agents are more effective, more beneficial, more cost effective than others.

I started using video in my business back in 2008. It changed my business. It will, if used effectively, change yours as well. With over 2,000 video’s created, over 1,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel and over 500 videos on my YouTube channel I’ve learned which types of real estate video are the most effective and more importantly – why. I’ve listed them for you below.

Most Effective Types Of Real Estate Video

  1. The Listing Video. When I say “the listing video” I am not talking about the video of your new listing shot with an iPad or iPhone. I’m not talking about the video that is so shaky the viewer feels sea sick while watching it. I’m not talking about the listing video shot on automatic exposure that looks like a nightclub as the light changes from light to dark back to light. No. When I say listing video I am referring to a professional video, a presentation if you will, by you the real estate agent to the consumer. A listing video that opens with something like

    “hello, and welcome to Val Vista Lakes, I’m Stephen Garner and today I would like to take you on a tour of this 3,200 square feet, 4 bedroom , 4 bath home in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona. Close to shopping like AJ’s, Trader Joe’s and great Gilbert Schools, you are going to love this home. Let’s take a look”.

     This type of video is effective because it highlights the product the consumer is most interested in – the home.  Because the agent is in the video, the consumer can begin to build a relationship with them. They can see how knowledgeable and passionate the agent is about their new listing. Some of my clients have picked up new listings from these type of listing videos because the buyer often has a property to sell. They can feel how powerful this type of video is and now they want it used on their home. Listing Video Examples

  2. The Community Video. The community video IS NOT a video of a real estate agent narrating while driving around a community hanging their iPhone out the window or strapping a GoPro to their car.  No. a professional community video will educate and inform the consumer about the features and benefits of the community. Introduced by the real estate agent, story told from the consumers point of view, and starting with a question like

    “Are you looking for a master planned community in the Phoenix Metro area that has it all? Welcome to the master planned community of Ocotillo in Chandler Arizona. Ocotillo is made up of X amount of communities, with over X amount of homes, including condo and town homes, single family residential and yes – luxury. One of the reasons my clients love the community of Ocotillo is location to major employers like Paypal, Intel, Verizon, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo” etc.

    This type of real estate video is effective because in addition to educating the consumer, it establishes the real estate agent as the expert, the authority on this particular community. Every buyer wants to buy with the expert and the community video screams professional. Community Video Examples

  3. The Website Introduction Video.  While many real estate agents are rushing into real estate video, one of the least likely types of video to be seen is actually one of the most important, the website introduction video. The website introduction video welcomes the consumer to the real estate agents website and tells them, while showing them, what benefit the website will serve for them and how to use the website to its maximum benefit. This type of video is effective because it gives the real estate agent a face. When a consumer lands on a typical real estate agents website they really have no context for who the real estate agent is. Man? Woman? Professional? Not? This type of video sets the agent up for success as it gives before it receives. All to often, agents talk about how great they are  – ABR, CRS, GRI, e-PRO, TOP PRODUCER! This type of video is for the consumer, this type of video (if properly done) will save them time and money. Website Introduction Examples
  4. The Process Video. The process video explains (visually) the process the consumer is or will go through. Let’s take the buying process for example. This video explains from beginning to end, from the process of identifying a property that meets the clients needs to the close of escrow, what stages will occur and timelines for each stage. Stage 1. Identifying your needs. Stage 2. Identifying your budget, meeting with your lender. Stage 3. Selecting homes that meet your need. and so on. This type of video is effective because in addition to presenting you as a knowledgeable expert, it also takes some of the anxiety out of buying a home. The buying process can be intimidating. But knowledge is power. The more the buyer knows about the process they are working through, the less likely they are to become antsy or even work with another agent.
  5. The Testimonial Video. The Testimonial Video is exactly what it sounds like. A video of past clients talking about what it was like working with you. What problem(s) you solved. How you saved them time and or money. This type of video is effective because it’s not YOU talking about why you are great – this is seen as sales and most consumers don’t like to be SOLD to. As consumers we identify with each other though “social proof”. Social proof is what occurs when you buy anything from Amazon. Before you buy, you look at the number of stars and comments, what other consumers (who you don’t even know) thought of the product or service. We are swayed by what others that have bought the product or used the service before us thought.  This type of video can easily go wrong. If, it feels like the agent is trying to drag a positive review out of the past client it is a big FAIL. Instead of asking “How did I help you”, I find it is best to ask for “feedback”. By asking for feedback you are giving the consumer permission to speak freely about the experience of working with you. This is especially powerful when there are 2 people on video like a husband and wife as they can interact with each other. Wife – “Stephen was a pleasure to work with, wasn’t he honey? Husband – Oh yes, we have worked with other agents in the past and there was always something missing. Whether it be professionalism or communication, something just didn’t feel right. But working with Stephen was completely different”.  Testimonial Video Example


The old days are gone and video is clearly here to stay. Not because it is sexy but because the consumer is demanding it. There are many benefits of real estate video.  I train real estate agents, REALTORS®, title reps and attorneys from Australia to Canada and points in between through my Video For Real Estate Agents course, to understand that video is merely the medium, it is the delivery method. It used to be good enough to simply use video. Not anymore. Now your videos need to be of value to your ideal client.  It’s all about content and he (or she) who has the best content wins the game. All of the content in your previous marketing materials, postcards, flyers, door hangers , can (and should) be put on video. In addition to speaking a language the consumer prefers to receive, your videos have the added benefit of search. A properly optimized video is over 53x’s more likely to appear on page 1 of Google compared to text alone.

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