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Marketing Strategies For Loan Officers. Loan officers, are you sick of calling the top agents in the valley only to hear they are “happy” with who they use now? That they have a “strong relationship” with a competitor? Wouldn’t it be great to devise a plan to market to real estate agents that would work – if you work it? Allow me to introduce you to my loan officer marketing strategy.

Since 2008 I have used video in my business. Video clearly set me apart from my competition. Many real estate agents and lenders are now starting to realize what I have always known and taught to real estate agents and loan officers literally around the world  – video is a medium perfectly suited for the real estate industry.  I have written extensively, in some national publications, on the benefits of video in real estate ,  below are some reasons video should be part of your loan officer marketing strategy as well.


  1. Video is fast. Loan officers can convey a message in a shorter amount of time to the real estate agent and consumer with video than text. It could take loan officer 20 minutes to convey their value through text whereas that same message can be conveyed almost instantly through video. This is especially important given the immediate gratification, world we live in. As consumers attention spans get smaller loan officers need to grab and keep attention immediately. Video does that.
  2. Video builds trust and rapport. Studies have shown people are more likely to like and trust people they have seen in person – even in video marketing – than people they have only spoken to on the phone or through email.
  3. Video is believable. The consumer is more likely to believe a video message than one comprised of text or pictures.
  4. Video uses more of our senses. We naturally believe in what we can hear and see. It is easier for our brains to process. These visual cues in a video can convince the consumer of the appeal of a home for sale, a loan officers knowledge and experience,  a sales person or brand.
  5.  Video Is Purple Cow. Some loan officers have a website. Many real estate agents have multiple and some real estate companies have hundreds or even thousands of them. That is a lot of competition. Everyone has a website but few loan officers and real estate agents are using video in their real estate or lending businesses. Nationally, less than 2% of real estate agents are using video. Video is different. In a sea of links on the 1st page of Google, video sticks out like a sore thumb. Video is Purple Cow.
  6. Video Gets Found. Forrester Research reports “Video is 53 x’s more likely to make it on the 1st page of Google than text alone”. I have multiple videos on the 1st page of Google and YouTube. If you were looking for information about Phoenix, the lending process, FHA vs VA which is better and why, mortgage rates, the lending process, a home for sale, etc – would you click one of the 9 links that all look the same or the video?


Most loan officers do not know how to properly market themselves to the real estate agent. They come at the agent with the same messaging as everyone else. “We have great rates” “We table fund” “We are the largest lender in the US, Arizona” “I give great service” “our processors are awesome” “I always answer the phone”. The problem is, none of this is really measurable or tangible nor offers any true value to the real estate agent. SERVICE is an EXPECTATION not a BENEFIT. Without the presence of a clear Unique Selling Proposition, the loan offer appears like everyone else and is therefor reduced to being a commodity.  Real estate agents will not care about you until you give them a reason to.


I hear real estate professionals say “THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS WILL ALWAYS BE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS!” And while this may be true, with the advent of the internet and its role in search, there is now another factor, a HUGE one in growing your lending business, Content. Content is what the consumer is looking for when they ask a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube a question (Yes YouTube is a search engine, the 2nd largest in fact). Many of these questions the consumer asks are geared towards lending.

Savvy loan officers should be creating regular video content for the internet. Content that educates and informs the consumer, content that helps them solve a problem, content that makes them smarter. This content will not only help the loan officer get found online (where the consumer not only starts their home search but in many cases the lending process as well),  the loan officer can then provide this valuable video content for free (if your state allows) to their real estate clients.


The real estate agent can use this educational video content, created by and branded to the loan officer,  on their real estate websites and social media platforms. This content can not only draw traffic (consumers) to the real estate agents website but also, help answer the questions many consumers have about the lending process. These are often questions most real estate agents do not or can not answer. This video content also helps the real estate agent “bundle” their services to the consumer by aligning with a loan officer that appears to be part of their team.  Everyone loves a bundle – ask COX Communications and Century Link.


  • The lending process for purchases
  • The lending process for refinances
  • What is an FHA, VA, JUMBO, USDA, Conventional Loan
  • Why should I choose an FHA, VA, JUMBO, USDA, or Conventional Loan over another?
  • Credit scores. What are they and what is the lowest acceptable score?
  • What is Debt To Income Ratio?
  • 3 ways to increase your credit score
  • The pre qualification. What is it and why should I get one?
  • How much home can you afford?
  • The loan application process
  • The loan officers background and value proposition for the consumer
  • The lenders or banks background and value proposition for the consumer
  • Mortgage broker vs Bank, which is better and why?
  • Closing Costs. What are they?
  • The escrow process (get with your favorite EO or title rep to help with this one)
  • Gift funds. What are they? Where can I quality?
  • Concessions who pays what?
  • Origination fees and points
  • Questions past clients have asked you in the past around the lending process
  • and so, so, so much more (really, it’s silly how much more there is)


Some of this video content should be created in professional manner. Not the LO sitting at their desk with a boring background (some times this is acceptable), bad audio and horrible florescent lighting, but in a studio environment. Only one thing is more important than the quality of a video  and the overall message, and that is the quality of the audio. Bad audio (tin like, echo, echo, hallow, too loud etc) will chase most consumers away immediately. All of these factors  and many more can be controlled in a video studio environment.  Another benefit of using a studio is time. Professional videos can literally be created 24/7/365. Another benefit is branding. Establishing a brand rely’s not only on a valuable message but also on consistent messaging with a consistent look and feel. This can easily be created on a green screen in our studio. Backgrounds can be changed to the loan officers preference, logos, lower thirds, colors and yes – music as well.


We can help you set up and execute your loan officer marketing strategy. We use state of the art cameras and microphones, (many of your favorite movies, TV shows and commercials use the same exact equipment) TelePrompTers (you won’t need to remember anything, you can simply read like your favorite newscaster). Your video will be created by a professional and skilled editor in our professional video studio. Ready to get started? Please fill out the form below to learn more about our content marketing packages for loan officers.

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Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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