Interesting Statistics About Video

I’ve been using video in my business since 2008. It changed my business, it changed my clients real estate business as well. The real estate agents that leveraged video on a regular basis saw more activity around their listings, more brand loyalty, more listings and ultimately more GCI.

With 70% of sellers forgetting their agents name after a year, savvy real estate agents are using video to stay top of mind, engage the consumer, get found online and of course – sell more properties. The top real estate teams are making video part of their offering to sellers. These real estate agents are receiving more brand loyalty as sellers are sharing their videos with their friends and family through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram which is further extending the reach of the agent – and their brand. Below are some reasons why you should consider using video in your real estate business.

“Video is 80% more effective in engaging the audience.” – The Pew Internet and American Life Project Study

“Over 90% of internet traffic will be video” – CISCO

“Video makes up over 50% of mobile network traffic, expected to rise over 60% by 2016” – CISCO

“YouTube is over 28% of all Google searches” – comScore

“YouTube has over 1 BILLION unique users each month” – YouTube

“The average consumer watches 186 videos each month” – Comscore Video Metrix

“Real Estate Listings With Videos Receive 403% More Inquiries Than Those Without Videos”  – DigitalSherpa

“YouTube attracts more viewers between 18-54 than any cable network”

“Video is 6 times more effective than print and direct mail”

“Click-Through Rates Increase 2-3 Times When Marketers Include A Video In An Email ” – DigitalSherpa

When properly optimized, video is 53 times more likely than text to appear on page 1 of Google – Forrester Research

70% of the links search users click on are organic, not paid. (Marketing Sherpa)

Consumers stay on a website on average – 2 minutes longer after watching video content. More time = More sales

Facebook’s video views are up 239% in one yearBusiness Insider

According to NAR, 73% of sellers say they would list with a real estate agent that would use video to market their property – NAR

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world – ComScore

YouTube is the THIRD most visited website in the world – Alexa

Video shows up on page one of Google

A single video is worth 1.8 Million words – Forrester Research

45.4% of internet users view at least one video online per month – comScore

The average user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month – comScore

Over 100 Million people watch online video each day – comScore

The average viewer spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching video ads per month – comScore

The average website visit without video is 50 seconds

less than 1% of agents use video to market their properties, yet 73% of all sellers would list with an agent who utilizes video to market their property – National Association Of REALTORS

The average website visit with video is over 5 minutes – CISCO

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