Green Screen

Green screen refers to a production technique used to make people or products look like they are somewhere they aren’t. The subject is filmed against a plain background, which is typically green. The background is later “keyed”. 

Keying or Chroma Keying is the process of isolating a single color in an electronic image. Once isolated, software is used to make that value transparent, allowing another image to show through the affected area(s).

Green screen technology has been used by Hollywood since the early 1930’s. You have seen it in your favorite TV shows, movies and even the local news.  While green screen is nothing new to professional photography or videography, it is relatively new to real estate marketing. Green screen video allows us to place any background we would like into your photos or videos.

At HMC we have our own dedicated video studio with green screen to help our clients grow their business. Green screen videos allow real estate professionals to build or reinforce an existing brand, they also help save time and money as we can control all aspects of our studio from lighting to sound to background. With a green screen we can make it appear as through you are anywhere. In your office, on a busy freeway or in Paris, in front of a home or even inside it. We don’t need to worry about the position of the sun, noisy or distracting environments, we can create a video anytime.

Green screen is perfect for delivering information to the consumer. Savvy real estate agents can explain different aspects of the buying, selling, investing process in a way where the agent remains the focus.

Topics for green screen in the real estate space include: your listing presentation, buyer presentation, seller presentation, like of a purchase, the Arizona purchase contract, meet the team, about me, website introductions, testimonials, life of a loan, the mortgage process, life of an escrow, credit scores, your lender, your title company, community or subdivision, how to’s and much, much, much more.

Green screen is ideal for creating a website introduction video. The green screen allows the agent to welcome the consumer to their website, explain what value they will find and offer a call to action. A website introduction video is powerful as the consumer can now SEE the agent. Because 80% of what we say is conveyed through body language, they can feel the agent is being authentic, they can see their professionalism and ultimately their knowledge.

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Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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