Green Screen Preparation | 8 Tips For A Successful Green Screen Session

Green Screen Video Arizona

Through the magic of technology and video effects, we can superimpose you onto almost any virtual background. Solid white like an Apple style commercial or any color or pattern to match your branding.

We can transport you to your own desert island or even outer space. We can also shrink down a full-grown man so he can stand on the shoulder of another or even use visual effects to make you fly through the sky like a superhero. Anything is possible with the magic that is – green screen. More likely than not, we will be placing you in front of a solid or gradient or even in front of or inside your latest listing. This page is to help you best prepare for your green screen session with Hub Media Company.

Style: Please dress appropriately. If you are a real estate professional, dress like you would to show a property. If that is a suit and tie that’s fine, slacks and a dress shirt or blouse for the ladies are fine too. Whatever you feel represents your brand is what you should wear. While it’s not required we do request the ladies not wear a dress as it’s harder to hide the microphones.

Patterns: We discourage anything with highly contrasting or “tight” patterns, this includes ties and fashionable scarves. Stripes are fine, however the softer and wider the stripe the better. Tight patterns can result in something called the “moiré effect which can wreak havoc on the editing process. Subtle patterns are far better. PLEASE DON’T WEAR ANYTHING GREEN or even a hint of green.

Fabrics: Avoid shiny clothes; ties, suits, blazers, etc. These can pick up the cast of the studio lights and cause some “spill”.  Guys, a dark suit and blue shirt are best. TIP: Ladies, avoid solid black if possible or all white patterns. White works well for a shirt under a jacket, off‐white or grey are also good alternatives.

Jewelry: Ladies, we know you love your bling. Too much however causes issues. First being with audio. Many of us have the tendency to move our bodies and hands when we talk, in fact we encourage you to move as it’s more engaging.  The dangling hoop bracelets, big hoop earrings, chains or anything loose can and will usually get picked up by our microphones. When it comes to jewelry, less is truly more. Go with the basics, nice watch (not too shiny) wedding band etc

Makeup: What ever you wear on a day to day basis is fine. If you would like professional hair and makeup we can arrange for it at an additional fee.

Hair: The idea is to tame that beast and keep it under control. Try to keep it as flat as possible and avoid puffy styling as it could result in green screen challenges.

Rest: We cannot emphasize this enough. If you’re new to video, the day could be stressful as it is, so be ready to deal with it. Rest. We are experts at getting you out of your own way. Avoid too much caffeine, but there is no problem with your morning cup of Joe as it will help you “be yourself”.

Be Prepared: You will likely be reading your lines off our teleprompter. But please don’t read your script for the first time on the way to the studio while you are in-between checking emails and voice mails. Teleprompters are great, and they help, but in the end they are really only a tool. A good performance depends on you knowing your script in advance. Even meteorologists that read like banshees off a teleprompter know what they are going to say in advance. If you know your script well enough, you can even adlib a bit to help make your performance that much more authentic.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful green screen video, one you can use to further differentiate you or your team from the competition. We look forward to working with you!

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