Facebook Likes Don’t Matter Anymore – Here’s Why

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Facebook Likes Don’t Matter Anymore

I just got another one. Another person asking me to LIKE their Facebook page. Is there anything more pathetic? OK, maybe that was a little harsh but really – is there? “Please, I know I don’t really know you too well, and you have never worked with me professionally but will you please like my page?”

It’s all for not anyway. Facebook likes don’t matter anymore.

Facebook Likes Used To Matter

They used to. Matter that is. Facebook likes.  But they don’t anymore. Back in the day, when I was still a sales exec for a title company, I used to teach social media classes here in Phoenix. Back then Facebook likes mattered. Back then, Facebook’s algorithm was different. Back then, if someone liked your business page, essentially OPTING IN to your content, they would see your business updates. This was priceless – FREE – marketing. In a world where real estate agents spend BIG $$$ on mailers and printing to reach people they don’t know, being able to engage with those that like your page for FREE is very appealing. Well it was anyway because Facebook Likes don’t matter anymore.

Facebook Organic Reach Declining

Before Facebook went public LIKES mattered. Those were the good old days when Facebook cared more about us, the user, than Wallstreet. But not that Facebook is a publicly traded company, they have to create revenue. And how do you do that? Well, you target the very people that would be most likely to pay for their service – businesses. They make us pay to reach the very people that opted in to receive updates from us.

In the good old days. I could reach around 15% of my “followers” or “fans” for FREE. 15% may sound like a little but it’s actually significant – what’s the rate of return on direct mail? (less than 1/2 of 1%). But now, I’m lucky if 2% of my fans and followers see my content. 2 PERCENT!


So, what should you do? Well you need to understand that Facebook, the free platform, we helped build, is NOT FREE. Yes, you can use it to post what you had for dinner. You can use it to tell us how much you love your kids. You can use it to tell us about this amazing place or that one. You can use it to rant about Obama or Clinton, Romney or Trump. But when you want to use it for business, when you want to be in front of your ideal client – you need to pay.

You can pay in many different ways. It can be as simple as boosting a post or as elaborate as a full on Facebook ads campaign with landing pages and squeeze pages and such. But whether you boost a post or create an ad, don’t do it with the goal of building up your Facebook likes because (say it with me) Facebook likes don’t matter anymore.

I get the feeling many real estate agents want likes for the wrong reasons any way. I can understand if they want the likes because they think Facebook likes matter (which they don’t) to reach their ideal client. But I don’t think thats it. I think many real estate agents want more likes so they can appear to be more LIKE-ABLE. Folks, we are way past the days of social proof relative to Facebook. If you really want to show the consumer how likable you are, how competent you are. How professional, experienced, educated etc – do it on your real estate website.

Your Website Matters

Your website IS your storefront. Not Facebook. Your website is where most consumers are accustomed to learning more about a business anyway – not necessarily Facebook. Your website is intentional whereas Facebook is by accident. Facebook is where consumers discover content but Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo etc is where they seek it out.

So, if Facebook likes don’t matter anymore, what should you do? Well, you should still engage. You should still post things on your Facebook page that show your personality. Speak to who you are. What you like, What you don’t. But that should be on your PERSONAL Facebook page. There should be a healthy mix of PERSONAL updates and BUSINESS updates. I recommend 80/20. For every 10 updates you make, 2 of them should be business. But the goal of Facebook is still the same – ENGAGE. DRIVE. CONVERT. Engage the viewer by talking about something they care about. Drive them to your website, sales or squeeze pages with a compelling offer. Convert them using your IDX or by prompting them for an email address, phone number etc, add them to a drip or CRM. But don’t worry about Facebook likes because – well, you know.

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