Mobile Now Dominates Real Estate Search

Mobile Dominates Real Estate Search
Mobile Dominates Real Estate Search
June 2014 is a month that will go down in history. Well, real estate marketing history anyway (and maybe only in my mind). June 2014 was the first month in which more visitors came to Zillow, Trulia and REALTOR dot com from mobile devices then from desktop and laptop computers.

Why is this significant?


Data from ComScore (the leader in measuring website traffic) shows Zillow’s network of real estate websites received 31.2 million mobile unique visitors in June compared to 29.8 million desktop unique visitors. Trulia network of real estate websites received 17.6 million mobile unique visitors in June compared to 17 million desktop unique visitors and REALTOR dot com (MOVE Inc) received 13.5 million mobile unique visitors in June compared to 12.4 million desktop unique visitors. A shift has taken place.


The mind boggling numbers above highlight the importance of real estate agents owning a mobile responsive real estate website. What is mobile responsive? A mobile responsive website is one that automatically adjusts or scales to fit the device the consumer is using. There are currently 4 sizes of responsive design – wide screen desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and iPhone.

Mobile responsive is all about the consumer experience. Much like consumers (47% reported by Akamai) will not wait for websites that do not download in less than 2 seconds, a growing number of consumers will not stay on a real estate website that is hard to use. By hard to use I mean, moving the screen to the far left or far right, up or down to use the website. The video below demonstrates how a mobile responsive website scales to fit multiple devices.

Site Built By iFoundAgent

What Does It LOOK LIKE?

What Should You Do? Easy. Grab your mobile device, iPhone, Droid, HTC, Samsung and pull up your website on it. What does it look like? How does it function? Is the real estate search easy to use? Can you even see it? Then grab your (or your friends) iPad, Nexus 7, etc and do the same. What does it look like? How does it function?

If your real estate website is not easy for YOU to use, it certainly is not easy for the consumer to use. And they won’t. If you want to keep consumers on your real estate website instead of one of the BIG THREE, you will need to make your website as welcoming as possible. It starts with a mobile responsive theme but that is not all. Savvy real estate agents have added a welcome video to explain how the consumer can get the most benefit out of the real estate agents website.

The Tune UP

If you looked at your real estate website and realized, it could use a tune up, head on over to iFoundAgent. As WordPress real estate website developers you are sure to get a website YOU OWN, that is built using the webs latest standards, that loads fast, that includes a user friendly IDX search and yes – that is mobile responsive. Mention this post and receive a 10% discount. Shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

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