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Video is by FAR the most engaging medium. Not only do consumers clearly prefer video, it can, when used correctly, help you get found online, extend your brands reach, educate and inform your ideal client and make you the expert (in the consumers eyes) in your chosen niche.

Effective real estate video marketing begins with creating great, engaging content and ends with video SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Video is imperative in the world of SEO: 17 percent of people spend less than four seconds on a website, but the same people are willing to watch up to 2.7 minutes of video online. The longer they are on your website, the more likely it is they will become a lead. Real estate video marketing is a game changer in the real estate space – specifically.

Imagine your ideal client searching online for homes under $400,000 in Ocotillo, or Active Adult Communities in Arizona and finding your video next to the big boys – Zillow, Trulia, Realtor dot com. Given these options, research shows 80% of consumers would choose the video. This is how you compete with ZTR – with real estate video marketing.

Here are some tips to help you get your videos at the top of the search engines.

1) Research. Do your research. What would consumers look for when searching for info? What questions would they have? Before uploading to YouTube – name your file using that keyword of keyword phrase your ideal client would search online for.

2) Tags. Tag your videos using the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases. “DC Ranch homes, homes in DC Ranch, DC Ranch Scottsdale Arizona etc”. Tags will also help with getting your videos to show up in YouTube’s Related Search (videos on the side and end of videos when played with YouTube.

3) Transcription. Transcribe your videos. By transcribing your videos and adding closed captions, you are providing more content that can be indexed by Google’s spiders.

4) Category. Thoughtfully select the category or categories you put your videos in to ensure they are picked up by category specific search results. How to & Style” has a “Housing & Real Estate” Sub-Category

5) Description. Your YouTube videos should have a robust description. Not only to tell consumers what your video is about but for search engines as well. The ideal description will have 200+ words. You can paste your MLS description if you like. Just be sure to de-realtor-ize it. Remove “comps” and other realtor specific words in favor of consumer friendly terms. Be sure to add your keywords and keyword phrases “DC Ranch homes” etc here too.

6) Playlists. Place your videos in playlists. If you specialize in DC Ranch, all of your real estate property tours in DC Ranch should be in the DC Ranch playlist. Are you making How To videos yet? If yes, these videos should be in your How To playlist. Create other playlists for “about us”. “communities” “homes for sale or our listings” and of course “testimonials”.

Most real estate agents are not currently using video in their real estate business. This creates opportunity for the real estate agents that do it correctly. Remember, it all starts with engaging and valuable content. All the SEO in the world won’t help you if you are creating content your ideal client doesn’t care about and would not search for online.

Ready to leverage video in your real estate business? From our cinematic HD real estate tours to lifestyle, community and subdivision, green screen and more. we do it all. To learn more about incorporating video in your real estate business or real estate video marketing please fill out the form below.

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Thank you for your interest in HMC. We provide the highest quality business, commercial, event video productions, classes and services. We look forward to meeting you. Please fill out the form below or call 480.223.8113

Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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Real Estate Video Marketing Topics | 37 Video Topics To Help You Rock In 2016

real estate video contentWith a new year comes new marketing strategies. I believe 2016 will be the year of video marketing for real estate agents. You’ll be using video in your real estate business not because its sexy (it is by the way) but because the consumer is demanding it. Today’s consumer would simply rather SEE than read. You’ve probably noticed you yourself are choosing more videos in your Facebook newsfeed than articles. Why? Because video is the way to be marketing real estate today.

According to a joint Google and NAR study, 92% of homebuyers use the internet to help them find their next home (87% use a real estate agent). This study stated the average homebuyer spends THREE weeks researching online BEFORE reaching out to a real estate agent. This is your opportunity to get found online by and engage with your ideal client. You can do this by talking about the things they care about by creating real estate videos using the best and most relevant real estate video topics.

You can’t afford to not be using video in your real estate business. The joint Google/NAR study revealed 85% of buyers/sellers want a real estate agent who has video marketing, yet nationally – only 15% of agents have a video presence. This creates OPPORTUNITY for savvy real estate agents that leverage video to market their properties, brand themselves and extend their reach.

Video says so much more than text ever could. Forrester Research found 1 minute of video equals 1.8 Million words which equals 3,600 webpages of text but unlike text, 80% of consumers will remember the video. Video will also help you do more business in 2016. A recent study by found video increases inquiries on real estate listings by over 400%. That’s LEADS not views. In other words, listings with video receive 4 times more activity than listings without video.

There are many benefits to using video in real estate but not all real estate videos are created the same. I started using video in my business back in 2008 when I was a sales exec for a national title company here in Phoenix. Today, I routinely receive calls, emails and Facebook comments/messages from real estate professionals inquiring about using video in their real estate business. Most of the questions involve real estate video marketing topics.  So, to help you leverage video in your business I created a list of some of the best real estate video topics and why they are relevant. Enjoy!

Real Estate Video Marketing Topics

  1. Your Real Estate Listings (this should be a no brainer – see stats above). Note, you, the real estate agent should be IN THE VIDEO. This is a priceless marketing opportunity to align yourself with something the consumer cares about – the property. Your seller will also likely share the video with you in it, with their friends and family which is an endorsement of you and your services.  See our cinematic HD video tours
  2. Real Estate Team Introductions. A short video bio about every member of your team and the role they play that helps the consumer. See the biopic about Hub Media Company
  3. Community or Subdivision Profile. Most women in particular know what community they want to live in next. We also identify with the communities we call home. They say something about us. Ask a homeowner where they live, instead of Via Linda and Mountain View, they’ll likely say Scottsdale Ranch. Consumers are more likely to search for Germann Country Estates or Scottsdale Ranch in Google or YouTube than 5 bedroom homes in Chandler or Scottsdale. This presents an opportunity to get found online by them as well as present yourself as the expert on the community.  See our subdivision real estate videos
  4. Video Testimonials. Text testimonials are so 2014. Video testimonials allow potential customers to truly FEEL how passionate your past clients are about you and your services. They explain how you are different and/or better than other real estate agents, how you helped them buy and/or sell, which is a very compelling form of social proof.
  5. School Reviews. Consumers with children moving from another state will likely look for the top performing schools in an area and from there use that information to find a home within that school district. This presents a great opportunity to tell a story abut the best schools and their relationship to property values.
  6. Major Employers. Someone relocating to Chandler from Oregon to work for Intel will likely search for homes around Intel or communities near Intel 85248. Many others relocating to the area will likely want to know what major employers are in the area as well. This is a great way to introduce your brand to them as the expert in the area.
  7. Team Videos. What market(s) does your team serve? How is your team different and/or better than your competition? Why should a consumer choose your team? What’s your marketing plan? How long have you sold real estate? What are your awards? These should all be included in your team video. This video can then be embedded into your website, emailed to potential sellers, added to your email signature, distributed across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Vimeo and more. See our Real Estate Team Videos
  8. Things To Do In… Every time my kids are on break they are bored. Their Nintendo Wii, Xbox One, iPads, bicycles, dogs, board games etc are simply not enough to keep them engaged <sarcasm>. Which ultimately leads me or my wife to Google “things to do in Chandler”. This is a great way to present yourself as the expert in the community.
  9. Market Update Videos. Once someone knows you are in real estate their first question is likely “Hows The Market?”. What they are really asking is “is my home worth more than last month/year?”. Before buying or selling those consumers – the ones that do 3 weeks of research online before reaching out to an agent – will likely research the market. This is a great way to get found online. The Market is not really the market by the way. It’s your market. The market does not have to be Phoenix or Chandler by the way, it could also be as hyper local as the market in a community or subdivision. Is it going up or down? How many homes are for sale? What are the days on market?
  10. Open House Videos. Are you doing an open house this Saturday or Sunday? Make a video invite a few days in advance that tells the consumer what they will see should they stop by and why they should. I’m not talking so much about bedrooms and bathrooms, thats the steak. I’m talking about the sizzle – the granite countertops, gourmet kitchen, stainless steel appliances, resort style backyard, amazing views, community features and more.
  11. HOA. What are the benefits of buying a home in an HOA? What about NO HOA? Speak on it. Tell a story. And of course, offer a current list of homes for sale in the area with NO HOA or on a county island.
  12. Horse Properties. Are you the horse property expert? Show me. Make a video all about the equestrian lifestyle. SHOW me all about it.
  13. Property Taxes. If a buyer is on a fixed budget, property taxes are a real concern. Growing up in NY, (very high property taxes) I heard the stories of seniors being foreclosed upon even though they had no mortgage. The reason, property taxes. So, what are the property taxes in Arizona? If consumers knew how much more home they could buy in Arizona compared to Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, California etc they may consider moving here.
  14. Local Builder Profile. What are the local builders in your area? Which ones do you recommend? Why? Do you like the FLEX design more or is it the NextGen home. By the way, what are those? Are any of the builders offering any concessions? Tell them about it and of course, offer a compelling reason for them to call you before they walk in to the local builder UNREPRESENTED
  15. How To Sell Your Home FSBO. I know, I know. You’re thinking why should I help a FSBO sell their home? Well, the chances of them selling are rather slim. So, tell them everything they need to do to sell FSBO. Maybe when you get to number 10 of the number 40 bullied list they will realize they would be better off hiring a real estate agent and in this case, why shouldn’t it be you? Especially after you tell them how much more money FSBO’s net when choosing a real estate agent. “Did you know The typical FSBO home sold for $210,000 compared to $249,000 for …”
  16. How To Choose The Right Realtor. How do you choose the right REALTOR®? What should a buyer or seller look for? Experience? Local market knowledge? Marketing plan? Number of homes sold? Awards and designations? You tell me…
  17. How NOT To Sell Your Home.  I know this sounds weird but it works. When given the choice between how TO do something and how NOT to, 80% will choose the NOT to because of Fear Of Loss – what don’t I know? This is a great opportunity to show off your personality and knowledge in your video. “Here is how NOT to sell your home – don’t declutter it….” tell a story.
  18. Correctly Pricing Your Home. Why is it important to not overprice a home? What happens when you do? Tell them all the juicy statistics about final selling price when a home is correctly priced compared to one that sits on the market for 3-6 months. A wise man once told me “Time is acid to the price of a home”.
  19. Active Adult Communities. What are the active adult communities in your area? What amenities do they offer? A pool and spa are a given, what about the Pickle Ball and golf tournaments? The ladies billiards group, knitting, bocce ball etc. Show them all the things to do and tie in the awesome floor plans and communities.
  20. Guide To The Arizona Purchase Contract. Is the purchase contract in Arizona different than New York? Of course it is. Make a video outlining the things a buyer or seller should be aware of when buying a home in Arizona using the Arizona Purchase Contract. Does it protect the buyer or seller? Pointing out the things the consumer should know will help establish you as the expert without you having to say it – which consumer hate by the way. This video can be embedded into your website as well as emailed to out to potential buyers.
  21. Real Estate Terms. I often receive postcards and flyers offering me a free CMA. Luckily for me I spent 13 years in the title industry so I know what a Comparative Market Analysis is. But what if I didn’t? Make a video all about real estate terms – DOM, SPDS, GFE, Cure, C.L.U.E. Reports, Comps
  22. City Profile. Why is Chandler or Gilbert, Scottsdale or Mesa a great city to call home? Tell me all about the things to do, employers, schools, lifestyle, restaurants, local businesses, public transportation, the people, subdivisions, property values.
  23. New Construction vs Resale. Which is a better option, building a new home or buying a resale home in your area? Why is that? Do new homes have smaller lots? Are they in the outlying areas? Are resale homes less expensive?
  24. Closing Costs Who Pays What? What are the closing costs in your area? Who pays the inspections, real estate commissions, title insurance fees, transfer fees, HOA fees? What is traditional? Is it negotiable?
  25. Types Of Mortgages. Should a buyer use an FHA loan or conventional? Which is better to use in which market? What about VA? USDA? And while were at it – should you get a loan from your local Bank of America or Wells Fargo loan officer or should they work with your lender? What are the benefits?
  26. Public Transportation. Believe it or not, one of the features millennial buyers look for is public transportation, especially in bigger cities like New York, Chicago, LA, Phoenix. Is there Lightrail? A subway? Uber? Lyft? City busses? Where do they go? What is the frequency? Are property values along these routes growing? Why?
  27. Local Businesses. There is the economy and then there is the local economy which means local business. What are the popular local businesses in your area? Is there a Trader Joe’s? AJ’s, a favorite butcher? Restaurant? Align yourself with the business and show your expertise of the community by interviewing the owners/manager of your favorite local businesses. Help them market themselves which in turn, helps market you. Ask them to offer a 5% discount, free appetizer or dessert to anyone that mentions the video.
  28. Your Favorite Local Vendors. Have your years in real estate helped you identify the best local vendors? Of course they have. Tell the consumer about your favorite pool guys, landscapers, pest control, house cleaners, baby sitters, contractors, granite companies, plumbers, home warranty etc. Some of them may offer a free month of service to your database, a win/win/win!
  29. Walk Though Checklist. What should we look for when conducting our final walkthrough?
  30. The Builders Lender. Should we use the builders lender? Is it less expensive if we do or are we costing ourselves thousands of dollars?
  31. Homes in (insert zip code). Real estate is local, meaning hyper local. You can help yourself get found online by creating video content all about the homes for sale in 85248, 85286 etc.
  32. Expired Listings. Make a video for expired’s that explains why you believe their property did not sell and what you can do about it. You can acquire sellers email addresses from 3rd party vendors like Vulcan 7 or RedX.
  33. Seller Introduction Video. Make a video to send to sellers BEFORE you arrive for the listing presentation. This video should thank them for the opportunity to interview and SHOW them why you are different or better than other agents they may be considering. “I look forward to discussing our cinematic HD property tours and how they will help a buyer mentally move into your property, our state of the art website, our team that will be calling our database of buyers, open houses, professional photographs etc, see you soon”. That seller may be meeting with other agents but they will be thinking of you – promise.
  34. The Buying Process. What is the buying process in your area? What are the steps? Should a buyer get prequalified first? Why? What’s after that? What about the offer? What’s earnest money? How much should it be? What happens after contract acceptance? This video establishes your expertise and clearly sets you apart from other real estate agents.
  35. Buying or Selling Stage videos. Make a series of videos that explain every stage of the buying or selling process. If there are 10 stages, make 10 videos. Email them to your buyer, seller as they enter each stage. It should be YOU on video speaking to them. “OK, congratulations, your offer was accepted, here is what happens next…. we will be doing this and that. These video also serve to reduce the frequency of commission-ectomy’s. A seller is less likely to request you reduce your commission if they know everything you do.
  36. Remodeling vs Relocating. Which is better? Which costs less? Tell a story about your experience with both.
  37. Questions Your Clients Ask You. Of all the ideas above, questions your clients ask is by FAR my favorite video marketing topic. Most times real estate agents are trying to figure out what consumers care about. By making videos about questions they ask they are telling you. I’ve written over 3,000 articles, I’ve produced thousands of videos. Most of the ideas, including this one, came from questions my clients asked me. Keep a pad with you or use the notes section of your phone and write down EVERY question a buyer or seller asks and then when you have time, create a video on it for them and other consumers in other parts of the country or even world.

This is only 37 video marketing topics. There are literally thousands more. You are only limited by your imagination. Even better, a good video will be marketing you and your services 24/7 even while you sleep. Many of our real estate partners and an increasing number of sellers find us online because of the videos we’ve created. Some say, I like the video you make on 111th street, but I really liked the way you did that lifestyle video on 50th street. Often these videos were produced 6 months to a year prior. This tells me they, like your ideal client, are doing their research online BEFORE reaching out to us.

Once your real estate videos are completed you should embed them in your real estate website. You can choose to write a blog post about each video like this one or you can make a video library which houses all your real estate videos. Those links should then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Plus as well as emailed out to your sphere of influence. I recommend our clients who have team videos or “about us” videos save the YouTube or website link in a note on their smart phone that can be easily texted or emailed to potential buyers or sellers. Remember, 97% of text messages are opened.. #BAAM

This may seem like a lot of information, and it is. But we can help. This January we rolled out our Green Screen Package. You can come into our Tempe studio and read your script for the above videos and be on your way within an hour. We have everything – cameras, microphones, teleprompters and more. We will then deliver your professional, engaging and educational videos to you complete with lower thirds graphics, logos, contact information, music and more. Here is more info about our real estate green screen package. Questions? Ready to book your next video with us? Please fill out the form below and download our FREE Video Ebook.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in HMC. We provide the highest quality business, commercial, event video productions, classes and services. We look forward to meeting you. Please fill out the form below or call 480.223.8113



Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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Matterport 3D Tours For Real Estate | 7 Reasons We Don’t Recommend Matterport 3D Tours

Matterport 3d tourI was on a shoot in Scottsdale about 18 months ago when the real estate agent asked me if I had seen this “Matter” thing. Matter? I asked. Yea, it’s this 3D thing, Matter I think it’s called.

I knew right away what he meant, Matterport, the 3D camera.

Leading up to that day I had seen Matterport 3d tours seemingly everywhere; national conventions, industry related blogs, YouTube and of course – Facebook. Many real estate professionals were touting it as this amazing technology, which it certainly is. But is it right for real estate marketing?

I personally don’t think so, which is why we don’t offer them.

Before I go into why we don’t offer Matterport 3d tours let me tell you I am not new to real estate marketing nor am I new to video marketing.

I was a sales exec for many title companies here in Phoenix over the course of 13 years. I was blogging before most in the real estate space could pronounce it through my website, I’m one of the founders of a real estate technology company with a proprietary Indexable IDX focused on helping real estate agents compete against 3rd party aggregators like Z.T.R. I’ve trained hundreds of real estate agents from around the world through my online real estate video courses and I’m the founder of one of the largest real estate video production companies in the Phoenix metro area.

With that being said, while I believe the technology Matterport 3D offers is promising, I see some significant cons to using the Matterport 3D tours in real estate marketing. Below are 7 reasons why we don’t offer the Matterport 3D camera.

7 Reasons We Don’t Offer Matterport 3D Tours

Too Much Information

The goal of using video in real estate marketing is many-fold. 1) Educate and inform the consumer. 2) Engage the consumer. 3) Create emotion. 4) Speed up or shorten the sales cycle. 5) Extend reach. 6) Build or reinforce an existing brand etc. With regard to “education” I believe Matterport gives too much away, so much in fact it could cost the real estate agent a lead. The consumer could make an immediate determination about a property floor plan, deem it not a perfect fit (split floor plan or lack of, laundry room off the kitchen etc) and therefor NOT reach out to the listing agent for help or more information. Remember, the goal of real estate video marketing is to engage the consumer enough so they request more information. This is where pre qualification begins.

No Agent Branding

One thing we are HUGE on at Hub Media Company is agent branding.(see one of our cinematic real estate tours below) Some agents, (not our partners), think they are using video to market a property. While this is true it’s really more about marketing and branding the real estate agent. By our agent(s) appearing in the property video they are introducing their brand to the consumer as well as other networks – the sellers for instance. We know the seller will share the video with everyone they know, friends and family through social and email. As of the time of this post Matterport tours offers no ability for the real estate agent to play a role IN the video. This means the consumer can not experience the listing agents knowledge, professionalism, passion or expertise. A good video offers a virtual handshake. Most real estate agents who practice OUTBOUND MARKETING are constantly chasing the consumer around to tell them they are in real estate, by aligning themselves with a product the consumer cares about, (the property) the consumer cares about what the real estate agent has to say. (INBOUND MARKETING) This opportunity is lost on Matterport.

Sensory Overload

While Millenials may be more receptive to Matterport, anyone over 40 will likely find it frustrating and confusing. At times (I’m 42) I felt like I was in a video game and had no real context for where I was nor where I came from. I had to routinely return to the doll house view to get my bearings before continuing on.

Not Presented Well

We obviously want the properties to be presented in a professional and beautiful way. Matterport is anything but beautiful, more like bland and brown and staticy (is that even a word?). The tours I have seen (could be user error) were more dark than light and bright as we are accustomed to presenting properties.

Load Speed

Over the years, I’ve learned you have 5 seconds to engage the consumer or they will leave your website. In fact, 1 in 4 will leave your site if it takes longer than 4 seconds for it to load. It gets worse, 75% of users will abandon your website if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. Matterport tours I’ve attempted to watch over wifi on a desktop machine routinely take 8 seconds or more to load. Attempts to watch on mobile devices like iPad and iPhone were even worse and sometimes led to crashing. Any real estate video that does not work on mobile is a non starter.


At the time of writing, Matterport is the only company that offers this technology, meaning we (and you) would be 100% reliant upon them. That scares me. I know Matterport has raised millions of dollars in additional funding but that doesn’t change my opinion, I just don’t (at this point) see Matterport as a good real estate marketing tool.

I’ve noticed the chatter about Matterport has died down significantly. A few local brokerages bought one here in Phoenix and touted it on Facebook as the next best thing and then within 60 days stopped posting tours or even speaking about it. They may have realized one of the above. Not that Materport 3D is bad, it’s not. I just don’t believe it’s right for real estate marketing in its current state. I see it as a real benefit for hotels,vrbo builders, landlords where the customer cares more about the size or layout of a room than how pretty or functional it is. I do have one agent in particular that uses Matterport and loves it. When asked about it he said he uses it as a listing tool, a value proposition to offer the seller that other agents may not have. In that regard I can see value, its all about perception and if a good sales person can help a seller choose them because they perceive this to be valuable so be it.

I’m willing to be wrong about Matterport 3D tours, but am I? Somebody school me…

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in HMC. We provide the highest quality business, commercial, event video productions, classes and services. We look forward to meeting you. Please fill out the form below or call 480.223.8113

Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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Real Estate Niche Marketing | 12 Things To Do NOW

real estate niche marketingOne of the fastest ways to fail is to try and be all things to everyone. A Jack of ALL Trades if you will.

In their quest to grow their real estate business,I see so many “average” real estate agents trying to do just that “buying, selling, investing, rental – for all your real estate needs”.

Hi, I’m Stephen Garner, President of HUB Media Company in Phoenix, Arizona and a former sales exec in the title industry for 13 years.

I’ve worked with the top real estate agents, the newbies and the up and comers, which is how I can tell you this…. The top real estate agents don’t try to be all things to everyone, they leverage themselves and their resources by focusing on a niche.

For some real estate agents that real estate niche is a zip code (85258). For others it’s a housing type (condo’s, luxury, active adult) or transaction type (1031 Exchange). For others it’s a community or subdivision (Augusta Ranch, Vistancia) or city (Paradise Valley, S Chandler, Sun Lakes.

There are riches in niches. Here is how to start going down the road of being a top agent through real estate niche marketing. Now, this isn’t a theory. It’s not a guess or even a hypothesis (remember that word from high school :-) I did this with in 2008 and to this day, this real estate niche marketing website still gets 2,000 – 4,000 unique visitors each month (with little participation from me)

Real Estate Niche Marketing Plan

1) LEARN EVERYTHING you can about your chosen niche. Attend classes, networking events, do your own research, find a mentor currently in the niche. Join a team that specializes in this niche if you must
2) Create a website on your niche. (See above)
3) Create specific content on this niche as much as possible.(once a week is fine for starting out, aim for 2-3 times per week)
– content like blogs, images, articles, videos, interviews, indexable IDX feeds, downloads, ebooks
4) Tell EVERYONE what your niche is. Face to face, through social media, email, sign riders, business cards, websites and blogs (all consumer facing collateral should clearly display your niche)
5) Use direct mail, email to drive consumers to your niche specific website
6) Join networking groups about your niche (le tip, AMA etc)
7) Work ON your niche not IN your niche. Leverage graphic designers, photographers, videographers, content writers, lenders, title to help you create content on your niche.
8) Find other blogs on your niche (investing, retirement, Ocotillo etc) and comment on them. Make sure your profile (disqus, Epoch, ISSO etc) is complete with links to your niche website along with a short description of your value proposition and/or unique selling proposition.
9) Make custom signs and sign riders with calls to action about your niche.
10) Use video more that any other medium (you in front of your webcam talking is fine) Answer the top 10 questions consumers have about your niche. Tell a personal story about your niche.
11) Create a downloadable ebook that answers the most common questions your ideal client has about your niche. Embed in your website with email address required for access
12) Start now. Don’t wait. PERFECTION is the enemy of PRODUCTION

You have heard it before – you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. Consumers today want to work with the expert, wouldn’t you? If you were buying a home, would you want the real estate agent that knows the area or the real estate agent that knows the area, the schools, things to do, builders, neighbors, major employers?

Find your niche. Tell the world about it and allocate all your resources to it. Consumers will find you.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in HMC. We provide the highest quality business, commercial, event video productions, classes and services. We look forward to meeting you. Please fill out the form below or call 480.223.8113

Stephen Garner

Hub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. We create beautiful cinematic real estate video tours, lifestyle, community/subdivision as well as green screen video. We have over 13 years experience in the real estate space working with some of the top agents in the Phoenix Metro area.

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Do Older People Like Videos? | Real Estate Video Phoenix

Blackstone Country Club Peoria Arizona
Blackstone Country Club Peoria Arizona
So I’m shooting a house the other day in Scottsdale when my Apple Watch alerts me to a new text. First of all, yes I have an Apple Watch and second of all it makes my life much easier when shooting video, I don’t need to take out my phone and look who is texting/calling – I can simply flip my wrist. But that’s neither here nor there, so like I was saying I received a text.

It was one of my agent partners. That’s what we call our clients. Why? Because we are all in this together. We want them to see us as their partner. We are an extension of them – a part of their team. Their success is ours as well.

The text brought an immediate smile to my face. It read “Do Old People Like Videos?”.

I thought it was a joke. I mean, are old people that different than young people, than millennials when it comes top gathering information? I don’t think so. I reply back, “uh, yes, why do you ask? :-)” (I really did include the smiley face BTW).

My client says, I just took a new listing in Sun City West (an active adult community, 55+ on the west side of Phoenix) I would normally have you shoot the video but I don’t know if old people like videos.

OK, so now I’m dying. I’m snickering so loud my other agent partner, the agent I was shooting for came to investigate. When I told him the topic of the text he had a good laugh too.

Here is what I told him. I’m writing this on our blog because I cut my teeth as a content marketer waaaaaay back in 2006. One thing I always taught my clients – when your ideal client asks you a question, create content about it on your WordPress blog for others to find. This is a great way to bring your ideal client to you. To be seen as an authority in your nitch. To grow your real estate business.

Becky Kolb, Active Adult Communities Specialist

So Do Old People Like Videos? Yes. That’s what I told him and what I’m telling you. And here is why.

My mother is almost 70. My father is 67. They, when they have a need don’t consult the yellow pages. They don’t look for a magnet stuck to their fridge. They don’t even call me or my brother. When my “old” parents have a need they go online. They type a question into a search engine like Google. Given the choice between 10 links, one of which being a video, 80% of the time – they, you, me, we, will choose the video. Age really has nothing to do with it. In fact, the older of us tend to have poorer eyesight. It’s hard to read little words but rather easy to consume video.

But that’s not all I told him.

As I said, my parents are almost 70 and 67. I’ve already demonstrated they use the Internet. They use YouTube. But here’s another thing to consider. My parents are not OLD, in fact they are rather young, at least they act like it anyway. But lets say they were OLD – let’s add 15 years to each. So now my mom is almost 85 and my father is 82. Now they are of the age when my brother and I might worry about them becoming victim of a scam. Of being taken advantage of. Of making a poor decision. This is why we, as their children would want to validate a large purchase decision like buying a home. And where would we go to do this? The Internet. In many cases it would be an older persons child/children that would actually FIND the property for them.

So, when I told him this via text he sent another message back. It said “Dang you’re smart and you have a drone. You’re the whole package man, can you do next Tuesday?”

My answer – Yes.

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