10 Steps To Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

10 Steps To Optimizing Your YouTube Videos
10 Steps To Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

Properly optimizing your Youtube videos will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

If a tree falls in the woods with no one around, does it make a sound? Likewise – if you create an epic real estate video and don’t properly optimize it, does anyone watch it? Hmmm.

By now you already know, video IS NOT the future, it is the here and now. Top producing real estate professionals have been leveraging video in their business to get found online, convey messages faster, build trust and rapport, create emotion, build relationships, differentiate themselves from their competitors – for some time. I started back in 2008, my how time fly’s.

It’s not enough to bring Hub Media Company in to shoot your latest listing video, lifestyle video, community video or professional introduction video – your video still needs to be optimized to get found online by your ideal client.

Your ideal client is WHO you made the video for. Your ideal client is not someone looking for a million dollar home, it’s someone looking for a 5 bedroom 5 bath home in DC Ranch, it’s someone looking for information about the Master Planned Community of Ocotillo in Chandler, AZ, it’s someone researching how to Choose The Right Real Estate Agent.

Below are 10 Steps To Optimizing Your YouTube Videos.

  1. Make Your File Name Relevant To Your Ideal Client.  Your file name should include a keyword your ideal client would search for. If your latest listing is about DC Ranch, make your file name the property address or the community name, Not “DC Ranch” but “DC Ranch Scottsdale Arizona”. Don’t make your video “12 Marlin”, you get the drift.
  2. Use Relevant Keywords Closest To The Left In Your Title. When you upload your video to YouTube you should add a TITLE, DESCRIPTION and TAGS for your video. Use relevant keywords in your title closest to the left in your title. Not “Amazing DC Ranch Home For Sale, Scottsdale Arizona” but “DC Ranch, Scottsdale Arizona | Amazing Home For Sale”. Your title should appeal to search engines AND consumers.
  3. DESCRIBE Your Video For Your Ideal Client. Your YouTube description is not the place to get lazy when optimizing your video. Make sure you use relevant keywords in your description (closest to the left) and make sure the description is at least 250 words. Start your description with your domain name or page on your website where your video is located, http://hubmediacompany.com or http://hubmediacompany.com/youtube-announces-new-cards-feature-how-to-use-in-real-estate/ .  Most people don’t realize your YouTube description is one of the places Google will learn what your video is about. If 250 words sound like a lot to you – it’s not. Here is a tip – copy and paste your MLS description into your YouTube description and make it less REALTOR-like .
  4. Use Relevant TAGS. Many people think the tags used in your YouTube description are not important and skip them. BIG mistake. Your YouTube tags are used to help YouTube recommend RELATED videos that appear at the end of videos, and on the right hand side when viewed on YouTube. Again, if your video is about DC Ranch, one of your tags should be “DC Ranch”, another should be “DC Ranch Scottsdale” and another should be “DC Ranch Scottsdale Arizona”. Make sure you use “” around your tags and TAB after each entry. “DC Ranch” TAB “DC Ranch Scottsdale” TAB etc.
  5. Use A Relevant THUMBNAIL. A YouTube Thumbnail is one of the most important aspects of optimization because viewers are VISUAL. You may have already noticed, when watching videos on YouTube, your eyes gravitate to the most engaging images in the related videos on the right. If your video is about DC Ranch, I would suggest using a thumbnail that is an image of something that effectively represents DC Ranch – the monument sign, a ridiculous view from DC Ranch with the words DC Ranch boldly written across it, an epic 4K aerial shot, etc.
  6. Use Keywords In Your Voiceover. When we shoot your listing video, some agents opt to use a voiceover as well as an intro and outro. The voiceover in these instances are short 2-4 sentences that tell the consumer what they are going to see “Welcome to 1234 E Main Street Scottsdale, this 4 bedroom, 2 bath DC Ranch Home has it all, granite counters in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances and a resort style backyard, let’s go inside and take a look”. You should use keywords in your voiceover because YouTube uses transcription software or “speech to text conversion software” that will convert the words you say into text. They do this to provide a better search for the consumer. So use relevant keywords in your voiceover.
  7. Upload A Transcript. You have the option to upload a transcript with every video you upload to YouTube. DO IT. If there are words said in your video, you should upload the transcript. Simply write the words you used in your video in a word doc and upload in the captions area. YouTube indexes this area for keyword relevancy in order to provide a better search for the consumer.
  8. Build Your YouTube Channel. It’s not enough to simply have a YouTube channel. You need to treat your channel like your real estate website and BUILD IT UP. On of YouTube’s ranking factors – when it decides which video to rank for what keyword – is the age, size and engagement around your Youtube Channel. To build your channel you should add as many relevant videos as possible (properly optimized videos), embed those videos on outside websites (like your real estate website, which is one of the places they should be anyway, hint-hint), encourage the viewer to subscribe to your channel, like your videos, share them and please – please – please – if you are fortunate enough to have received comments on your video, RESPOND to them. These are all ways YouTube measures the weight of a channel.
  9. Create Playlists.  Create playlists in your channel. If you are making “How To” videos, one playlist should be “How To’s” another should be “Current Listings” another could be “Client Testimonials” another “Community Videos”. If you have a niche (and you certainly should) another might be “DC Ranch” and inside this playlist would be all of your listings, sold listings, community videos etc.  Adding your videos to a playlist will increase the SEO or Search Engine Optimization power for your video. These playlists can be embedded into a website and even shared via link. They are also indexed.
  10. SHARE IT UP! Optimization is all about getting your videos seen online. One of the easiest things you can do yourself is to share your videos through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Active Rain, even Pinterest. You should embed your videos into your real estate website and then share that link through the above social networks. Sharing your videos this way will result in more traffic going to your real estate website (which is a ranking signal for Google). Your real estate website is the holy grail in real estate marketing, this is where you want the consumer to watch your videos. This is where they will learn more about you and your niche, what problem you solve, but this is also where they can search for homes , fill out forms, ask questions and become leads. The more RELEVANT traffic you get to your real estate website the more leads you will get, the more leads you get, there money you make. It’s all about the numbers.

These 10 steps to optimizing your YouTube videos will put you head and shoulders above your competition. But it all starts with creating engaging and valuable content your ideal client would look for. If any, or all of this seems a little daunting, remember this – not only will 99% of your competitors NOT do this, they aren’t working with us so your videos are already better :-). No really, if this seems like a lot, don’t sweat it, if you are a current client of Hub Media Company, you have access to our marketing tutorials which will take you step by step through the steps above. You can also call us for help, we won’t succeed unless you do. For access to our tutorials simply call us. And if you are in the Phoenix metro area looking for someone to tell the story of your listing or community please fill out the form below. Let’s talk.

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